Flower Power!


The floral kurtas on both are a bit too overbearing for us but we have to say we do prefer how Anjali toned it down with white churidaar! Juhi’s pink silky patiala still makes us cringe!

You can catch more pics of Anjali and Sachin from the event at “The Gallery”.


Left: Juhi Chawla at Mumbai University Classical Concert
Right: Anjali Tendulkar at GiveIndia Media Meet

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. I actually love Anjali’s look. Wish Juhi wore hers with a white churidar(or patiala) as well. The top is kitschy, but the raw silk patiala looks awful.

  2. the patiala looks bad how she’s worn.

    but i love patialas on the whole. wish she actually knew how to wear one…perhaps i can teach her? ;) hehehehe

  3. Love Anjali Tendulkar’s assemble.. she does it righ for her age.
    Juhi is like all-my-clothes-in-laundry-this-is-what-left

  4. this is not patiala guys !! patiala is three times volumnous than this ..anjali looks better ..but is this trend of wearing churidar /salwar suits without dupatta catching up ..i wish this trend to die

  5. anjali looks better…@preeti, I think the dupatta less trend has been there for a while…its was quite a common trend for girls in my college not to wear dupatta in the summer when i lived in india in the late 90s and early 2000s….actually I still see it sometimes….but not sure if the trend died out and has had a resurgence again…

  6. I love Juhi but hate this ensemble. Anjali looks nice, her kurta reminds of 60’s type flower prints:P I wish I had mod dress with that print, would be so awesome.

  7. anjali looks cute! she always dresses well to suit the event. i’m a sucker for non-dupatta looks in summer…so love her outfit! and lets not mention the patiala…

  8. sometimes i feel like a dupatta is needed to complete an outfit, but other times I just imagine how hot it is in India and if I were there, I’d skip it too! Also, churidaar/salwars/kurtas without the dupatta are a fairly non controversial update to traditional clothes- after all, you still have the main look, just with a modern feel.

  9. though i love juhi…but must say dis ensemble is horrifyin…period…n anjali looks a little better dan juhi…nuthn xceptional…


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