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  1. Carol at | | Reply

    They both look bad – high-waisted tapered pants should be banned for being fugly.

  2. bongbabe at | | Reply

    nice clean casual looks for a movie screening.

    now i remember the comments ladies like rani and priyanka got on this blog for keeping it casual at the peepli screening.

    i hope kalki and anita are spared ;-)

  3. sheena at | | Reply

    i actually like kalki’s look. the red socks are whimsy and she’s cool enough to pull that off. i do agree the shoes are a bit too square, she should have gone for the laces. kalki’s too cute.

    1. pinkchampagne at | | Reply

      completely agree with you. Kalki pulls off this look impeccably actually, so chic and androgynous. It works especially because she keeps it whimsical and doesn’t end up looking like she has been rummaging through pages from fashion magazines to decide what to wear!

      1. Sinz at | | Reply

        Love the red socks and the whole look. I am totally going to copy this look!

  4. Flaneur at | | Reply

    i like anita’s pants(i have identical ones),shoes,clutch n her confident,casual charm…but not that tank top…i prefer high waisted pants teamed with ruffled shirts/blouses…n if it indeed has to be a more casual tank top throw a jacket o’er it..

  5. cooks at | | Reply

    Please dont tell me straight fit pants are coming back this season. They are so old fashioned. If its not the right fit, they look boxy on thin people.

  6. Faby at | | Reply

    Kalki makes it work & that too with all the elegance & style quotient balanced! The red socks & oxfords just complete the look like cherry on the cake! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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