In Archana Kochar


Former Ms. India Amruta Patki, who makes her debut in the upcoming movie ‘Hide and Seek’, wore a metallic blue gown by Archana Kochar at the movie’s music launch event. We could go on and on about how bad this gown is but why do so when the picture already speaks for itself. :P (Guess, we should be glad that Ms. Patki didn’t add more bling to this already blinged-out gown, but oh wait, what’s that on her feet???)


Left: Archana Kochar
Right: Amruta Patki at ‘Hide and Seek’ Music Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Yikes, how cheap and tacky is that fabric. This dress does not look good either on the model or Ms. India. And those hideous shoes!!!

  2. woohoo! new to this blog. SO excited I found it. Love sishing about design and celebs. I actually sat a read through many pages.

    My comments here are more overall comments and not related to this particular post.

    1) Man, many celebs look so unfit…as in not toned enough for the gorgeous dresses they wear.
    2) unprofessional pics makes everyone look kinda bad. (now I feel better about my own bad pics)
    3) My question is, why b’wood celebs wear designer dresses when they don’t have the figure to pull it off. Juxtaposing their pics with runway/model pics just brings the fact more in focus.
    4) So many of them need better make up advice. Why do so many have such “dirty” undertoned makeup? With desi skin color, they should really stick to more brighter colors and not blindly follow what is the current rage for white people. Case in point…brown lipsticks…a no no for those with dark or non-white skin tone.
    5) Gauri Khan….well I can only say that all the money in the world cannot buy good taste. Those eyebrows went out of fashion many decades ago. That hair, that make up, those clothes…..
    6) SO many need a good concealor.
    7) And what’s up with shekhar Suman?

    • Heya .. welcome to the site (on P&P’s behalf ;) ) … wait till you get addicted to your daily bytes of fashiion and who wore what!!!

  3. Props to this lady for looking good in such a lame gown. Indian designers, except a very few, should just stop doing western wear. They do far worse job than a Forever 21 outfit. ( I like forever 21 BTW)

  4. Who is this Archana Kochar.. how can celebrities wear such horrid clothes. But Kudos to Amrita for somehow being able to carry it off. Its a really trashy gown

  5. the garbage bin line made me crack up. checking this site out properly for the first time. its quiite entertaining and helps get by a dull day at work. I wish I could be part of it myself. agree that this dress is horrid and pardon the ignorance but I wasn’t even aware she was a miss india.


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