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  1. seerat at | | Reply

    O She is looking great …I love the color combination and she is looking taller.
    Well they say color blocks do no good to petite as it cuts the height but its opposite here.Once i saw a color block maxi full of so many colors on petite lady.

  2. Tulaja at | | Reply

    Like the dress but it would have looked better as a two tone with the brown and red colors only. Amrita is so pretty

  3. Anu C at | | Reply

    This girl needs help!

  4. angl at | | Reply


  5. radhika at | | Reply

    why does amrita rao ALWAYS look so tacky? it’s sad. just sad.

    1. radhika at | | Reply

      as if one divya khosla wasn’t enough.

      both such pretty girls. what a waste.

      1. Jenney at | | Reply

        Add to that list, Divya Dutta :P

  6. kasthuri at | | Reply

    She looks sweet. But the maxi could have been of appropriate length.

    1. sinlesschocolate at | | Reply

      Agree…The dress is just too long for her..she’s sweeping the floor with it..

  7. Zara at | | Reply

    Sigh..this dress had the potential to be quite beautiful. I like the material, as well as the rich maroon color of the upper portion. But the tomato red and baby pink sections just seem like an afterthought. A true ombre gown with pulled back hair and better accessories would have been perfect.

  8. tipsyturvy at | | Reply

    this designer and actress needs to retire

  9. M at | | Reply

    Amrita seems to be caught in a time capsule. One that has taken her to a planet and a time which has no tv, no internet and no fashion magazines. There is only one other inhabitant and no points for guessing – it is Archana Kochchar!!!

  10. aparna at | | Reply

    for the three colored gown, some different accessory like a hair band or a high pony with a light pink flower band will look good.

    for classic look only the red & brown colors might have been enough on the gown & she should have skipped the necklace.

    ps: she should put on some weight, looks very tiny…

  11. mad at | | Reply

    uglyy n howw

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