In Payal Singhal


It was great to see Amrita not in an anarkali. In the peach Payal Singhal sari, she restored our faith in her that she has the potential to look good.

The white underskirt on the sari was a bit distracting but who cares. This is the best Ms. Rao has looked in a long long time!


Amrita Rao At Filmfare Awards 2014

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. M okk with that white underskirt just because of the fact that SHE ACTUALLY TRIED SOMETHING AND LOOKED GOOD….now this is something new !!! :P

  2. She looks hideous… white petticoat is the biggest distracting factor.. you cannot ignore it and say she looks good. Plus the saree drape is sloppy…

  3. Credit where its due. I am solely here to say good stuff coz i know not when will i have that chance next. Ms Rao you look good, make it a habit pls.

  4. How can you excuse the white petticoat under a peach sari? Wearing the correct petticoat may have brought out the alleged beauty of the sari

  5. That look is a disaster! Bad saree drape, and the white petticoat takes away all the beauty of the sari. Ideally same color satin petticoat under net fabrics, although satin does get slippery.


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