1. abhishek for once looks real good here. only thing is he shd get his teeth bleached as they looked quite yellow in some other pics :D

  2. Amitabh looks good, do not care for his glasses, but Abhi, he looks fantastic, love his glasses. He has never ever looked so good. Love the hair cut, clean shaven, great suit.

  3. Hate the glasses on both. Thank God Junir is clean shaven.. loks like a goon with facial hair and he seems to have piled on the pounds again

  4. I think Abhishek’s suit doesn’t fit correctly. And that’s what kills it for me.

    As far as the glasses go, he’s obviously having some fun, it’s nice to see he can laugh at himself.

  5. Kanye West and Jay-Z both sport these frames.
    Amitabh somehow pulls the quirky look, but his son ends up looking older and not necessarily desirable.
    God I miss those Bluffmaster days! He looked so hot then!


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