A New Trend?


If you have been following the promos of “Singh Is Kinng”, you must have already noticed Akshay sporting a new look. No, I am not talking about the “Pagdi” but rather the ‘knee-length pants with a jacket’ look.

We know Akshay has the power of even making pink look hot and he may just pull this off too, but would you want to see this look on the regular “Joe”?




  1. I’ve seen the blazer-and-long-shorts look work very well on men in the summer months, but only when the blazer and shorts aren’t matching! For example, a pinstriped cream casual-ish blazer with navy shorts looks very cute! He himself actually pulls this odd look off, but I would NOT like to see this become a trend!

  2. MTV VJ Rannvijay is already sporting dis look in Mtv Splitsvilla……he luks cool but dis is only for screen nt in routine life!!

  3. i agree with niharika that it would only look good on cool guys in the media like vjs. akshay can look good in anything. why has he got his legs spread so wide. he looks like he’s preparing to give birth.

  4. Its not a new look, but a very old look, i think its a bit over the top, but probably more tongue in cheek than anything else, and as some one said earlier must be going with the theme of the movie.

  5. i think it looks like ppl r tryin too hard to stand out in the crowd or be “trendsetters”…

    while Akshay cud’ve looked awesome even in this if he wasnt a sardar here!

  6. i did notice the package or lack there of..but then i remembered his philandering ways and then threw up in my mouth a little

  7. The picture looks like Akshay kumar with Priyanka chopra’s legs.:) so funny. May be an Asian dude with a funky hair style can pull this look off.

  8. This look is already very common with Australian Men…During more warmer months you’ll find lots of Melbourne Men dressed like that and looking even better for work…I suppose Akshay’s stylist picked it up while filming in Australia.

  9. i notice the big package in between his legs < that is so not a trend < he’s always wearing tight pants LMAO

    his legs are so smooth like john abraham is dostana. LOL

    akshay and john are stealing best legs away from PRIYANKA CHOPRA < thats really weird

  10. Akshay looks totally bizarre in this outfit(anyone would, I guess). Also, anyone notice the black anklet/thread on his right leg?

  11. Actually the Sartorialist just did a bit on this. I guess its in. Did you see last weeks Project Runway? the guy who was eliminated was sportin this look….a casual version…and it looked good.

  12. I don’t see this look working on desi men in real life. Akki is probably one of the few who can pull off this on reel while not looking effeminate!

  13. Even Akshay cannot pull off this look. He ends up looking ridiculous or demonic – take your pic. I am also very disturbed by his shiny, waxed legs.

  14. haha i laughed the moment i saw it…!! not sure if the outfit is just for laughs or as a serious intro to a new style.

  15. I don’t like this exact look. and thank you everyone for pointing out the tightness of his pants *ew*
    But like many said it can work if worn the casual way, the blazer and shorts should be different sets. And not everyone can work it.
    They photoshopped Akki a bit too much :/

  16. Well rannvijay pulled off this look, but naaah…dont think I wud like to see it on the average “Joe”. They’d jus look like clowns!

  17. I think it’s an emerging trend. I see some college guys wearing this style and it looks hot / casual at the same time.

  18. I just think it looks plain ol’ G-A-Y :/

    I hate it! I think it looks ridiculous — the silky/smooth legs, the ‘package’ shot, the turban, the smile, and the anklet. :/

  19. LOL

    All this body hair waxing on men is getting ridiculous. A guy should look manly and not like a plucked hairless chicken.

    Walking shorts are okay for guys but not as a pin stripe suit. Yuck.

  20. hahahahahahah this discussion is hilarious
    That package is RIGHT in your face…
    i agree that an asian dude with funky hair could prob pull this look off


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