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  1. alisha at | | Reply

    she wears too many gowns…she should try cocktail dresses and pencil skirt

  2. Pinky20 at | | Reply

    Abomination. Aishwarya hasn’t worn something this horrible in a long time.

  3. Karishma at | | Reply

    She is very beautiful nonetheless.

  4. Saira at | | Reply

    Who Styles her?


    So tacky

  5. jadine at | | Reply

    Atrocious gown on a beautiful woman.

  6. Farrah at | | Reply

    When are we ever on board with her sartorial choices? meh!

  7. Lily at | | Reply

    You said it guys, I’m surprised that she couldn’t get a competent makeup person for an event like this.

  8. red at | | Reply

    I’m liking the make up for some reason its making her look angelic an di think the white concealer and bronzer separation was done for effect on purpose to give this look .. don’t know it could just be me

  9. Melange at | | Reply

    It takes a special kind of talent (or lack thereof) to make Aishwarya look bad. Well done MUA and stylist, NOT.

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