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  1. Jack at | | Reply

    Tres chic. Gorgeous Aishwarya.. she seems to be ageing in reverse.

  2. tina at | | Reply

    Good to see Aishwarya trying a slightly different outfit but why does she wear panty hose like a granny? Cooler shoes would have also improved the look.

  3. rupa at | | Reply

    Lovely. Love the lip colour.

  4. olala at | | Reply

    Where did her age go?? She was showing some age when she was in Dubai for Longines in the red anarkali, and during the Ascot. And now her make up must be fabulous!!

    The dress is Ok.

    And yes: since a lot of people comment on “white washing”, compare these pictures here. She looks quite brown in some, and quite pale in others. The difference is the use of flash and camera exposure. We all have pictures where we look pale, and pictures where we look quite dark. She is no different!

  5. Sandy at | | Reply

    Love the dress ,make up . She looks so good and young.

  6. Indianholiday at | | Reply

    It looks like she just changd dresses from the previous event and showed up at the bash. Same hair, lip color, make up and panty hose!

  7. Sneha at | | Reply

    Serious koshchun: I can’t see the panty hose. Even if you guys can, what is the problem with a sheer panty hose?

  8. Madame Maddie at | | Reply

    What is with the insistence to wear panty hose?? Almost like she wants to be chic, but also wants to be perceived as fully-covered (read matronly). Shed this whole “bahu” image you want to keep up Ash. We’ll love you even more!

  9. Mockjay at | | Reply

    The entire outfit including the shoes screams granny to me. Totally dislike.

  10. Fashion4pas at | | Reply

    No. The Mary Jane shoes with stockings gives the outfit a matronly look. Also the width of the lower half of the dress isn’t flattering.
    I’ve noticed that Aishwariya posts always have comments about how young she looks. As if youth equals beauty and there’s something wrong with ageing. Sharon Stone (who is the real role model on this topic) said it best “This idea that being youthful is the only thing that’s beautiful or attractive simply isn’t true. I don’t want to be an ‘ageless beauty.’ I want to be a woman who is the best I can be at my age.”

    1. Joy at | | Reply

      Nicely said! Also, with due respect to a previous commenter: I think most of us know the difference between whitewashing aka sloppy use of foundation versus a picture with a camera flash. Just sayin….

      1. Siara at | | Reply

        Well said! She looks her age and it is fine. It is also fine she is not as fit as say Shilpa Shetty or Lara Dutta. It is her choice. And she looks good nevertheless but never great (as far fashion is concerned) in my opinion.

    2. SS at | | Reply

      Well said, Sharon Stone!! Owning our beauty at any age needs courage and a strong self esteem!

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  12. sree at | | Reply

    I love black but I’m pretty sick of seeing Aishwarya constantly wearing black dresses. The heavy makeup and pantyhose are a downer as well.

  13. aaliyah at | | Reply

    i think she looks ok for a birthday party. the dress is cute. shoes are cute. but i don’t feel them together. question: are the red lips her signature now?

  14. hmm at | | Reply

    i don’t think she has pantyhose on..i have seen a lot more pictures on other sites and she doesn’t have a “sheer pantyhose” on

  15. Priya at | | Reply

    Hate the footwear..Fugly!!

    1. Shalini at | | Reply


  16. apeksha at | | Reply

    she looks lovely but a very weird outfit and those matching shoes !! .. why the panty hose !! i am more interested the one next to her in lace jumper .. wonder who that was??

    1. apeksha at | | Reply

      figured out the lady in the lace jumper is the sister in law – shweta bachan .. she looked very nice.

  17. from-chitown at | | Reply

    Don’t like the shoes at all and combined with the sheer hose – it looks quite bad. Knees up – she looks fab.

  18. Lee_girl at | | Reply

    Sorry to digress…but I’ve always been curious about what stars buy each other as birthday presents. Ummmmm…they’re stars after all :)

  19. payal at | | Reply

    Really. She looks like she’s wearing a pillowcase.

  20. arpitha at | | Reply

    dont like the styling, makes the dress boring. A belt and pony might have suited more.

  21. Slc at | | Reply


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