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My-oh-my. This is just what we needed after yesterday. Ash was a stunner in her black glittery Armani Privé gown (via RCFA). Love the hair, the minimal jewellery and the red lips.

My only gripe are those gunmetal satin shoes and I would have prefered something black to continue the look but considering it’s mostly hidden, am gonna ignore them and just look at everything above it. :P


Aishwarya Rai at Cannes 2010: “On Tour” Premiere


Photo Credit: Wireimage


  1. She Looks billion Dollars!!!! AMAZING WOMAN!! Damn!
    Lucky Abhishek man!Seen them both Live..She is extremely cute!!

  2. She looks simply divine! There is no right or wrong clothing sense in case of Ash as everything drapes her body & beauty perfectly.

  3. Ooooh Myyyy Doggggg!!!

    She just k-i-l-l-s it (in a positive way, of course). Love the hairdo. Good choice of lipstick color. Superb clutch. The gown is too good.

    I want those shoes!!! :-(

    But Black indeed makes one look thinner. Ash looks so slim and sexy! Full points to you, Ash!!!

    BTW, Did anybody notice Deepika there with a sari on? She looked nice too, but pales in comparision with Ash (well, isn’t that natural?).

  4. My mouth and eyes are open even after looking at her day2 pics for over 10 mins…love wondering about eva longoria, how would she be feeling walking next to aish on both the days…while ash taking away most o fthe limelight…good hair or bad!!!

  5. But what’s with the eyebrows again? They look a little different lol.

    Actually, why should I care when Ash gave us such a spectacular look. Now I know why L’Oreal is still not leaving Ash. Good for ’em.

  6. P&P, I would request you to update the pictures so that we get to see the hairdo clearly. It is so awesome that it deserves a lot of pictures.

    Just a request. Hope you consider!

  7. Everything about this look should add up to stunning, but for some reason it’s just not coming together for me on Mrs. Rai-Bacchan.

  8. She looks much better than yesterday and good overall….maybe i expect too much ….but the third picture with her back towards the camera shows a very obvious panty line…or (more probable) the ending of a spanx bodysuit! Why oh why cant the stylist make a smooth look for once without any easily avoidable glitches??

    • very true (about the pantyline)…

      overall she looks nicer than yesterday, especially the hair. but i soo love the elie saab gown – that was drool-worthy.

      she looks her age – which is not a bad thing. however, considering the ‘most beautiful woman on earth’ tag, the resources she has at her disposal and the fact that she has not been through pregnancies (which tends to age women, or at least some of them), i would have thought she would look much younger.

      • I think it’s admirable that she would age so gracefully- there’s no harm in looking older. In fact, look at Helen Mirren or Meryl Streep, they look so fab and gorgeous and they never try to hide their age. She’s looking more poised and refined, and kudos to her for never trying to dress younger.

  9. Oh my GOD ! She is sooo stunningly beautiful. I absolutely love the fact that she has kept jewellery to bare minimum. In my personal opinion she makes eva look pale in comparison.She is in cannes till 17th may. So we can expect atleast one more appearance.

  10. Love the red lips, the jewelry and the gown in theory…don’t like the way it is fitting her in the midriff section..I don’t know how but it is looking a bit too snug…peep toe black shoes would have entirely made up for everything else..but honestly…this is a proud Indian speaking..I really feel she represents us like no one else.

  11. Aishwarya rai is a trend setter.. she looks amazing. its just if she tonned down a little bit of her wieght…she will be ready to give some kick butt competition to other actress…although i must say. she looks like a french woman here!

  12. no doubt she looks good but again somehow that original GLOW on her is not there!!! just not feeling it – she has defo matured

    • Completely agree. She looks tired (eyes are red), but then again, could be the jet lag! Also what’s with the clown eyebrows? Did she paint them on?

      • I actually respect her for not resorting to all the ‘means’ available these days to restore that glow. She looks her age and that is exactly what makes her so sexy. Our collective obsession with nymphets would put Humbert Humbert from Lolita to shame!

  13. anything would be better than yesterday, but I think this new “tall” hairdo effect and gown cut makes her look all round.

    But……….still better than yesterday so lets hope it just get better by the day!! :)

  14. Improvement on yday. Her hair is ace, as is her gown. However, she just doesn’t pull it off.. Her face looks puffy and tired. She looks so old. :( If she had the glow on her face it woulda been 10/10.

  15. Everyone doesn’t need to be toned orflab free but it’s always wise to choose clothes that suit your shape. Yesterday she hadn’t but today she did and that’s what has made the huge difference. She looks divine here. Nothing to fault but the line beneath her butt.

  16. even the exposed panty line looks great when compared to yesterday’s hair :)). But she can never go wrong with a black gown like that and full red lips. She looks DIVA in every sense. Woulda loved to see black peeptoes instead of those shoes which stick out like a sore thumb.

    • on second thought, i looked at pics of all the other celebs at Cannes (Kate beckinsale, kate blanchett and all) and I feel this is not a day dress :(
      She looks drab in comparison to the rest. Sigh…i’m really confused on this one. The more I look at it, the more i DONT like it. I liked it at first glance…Arrghhhhh

  17. i will be in the minority here..but i am finding this look really awful and what makes it even more unbearable is her affected mannerisms. She comes across as a 30+ woman with a teenage hangover.

    • I hear ya….
      my exact thoughts….but everybody else seems to think otherwise!
      (isnt this silhouette quite similar to gaury/niharika mermaid gown she wore before?)

      • Tania- Could you please be more specific when you say “teenage hangover” because I just cant see or understand what you mean!

      • I saw this pic and i was like “something is missing”… dont know, not liking this look. That bare neck maybe?

      • actully i agree with the minority here…aishwarya is looking dreadful and im still wondering how can anyone admire this look…even though i dont mind the age but here she looks like a 40+ woman…whats with the stupid dress and everything???

    • i agree with you Tania – I don’t like her hair one bit. She looks seriously out of shape – meaning she stopped caring rather than that she’s overweight – Could be that she’s taken on too much since last year because she knows she’s in the last stretch of glamor roles before she retires for a bit. In any case, she looks like she’s stuffed into these dresses… so sad to see her like this.

      • i am with the minority here as well. she looks very blah in comparison to the other celebs on the carpet.

        she looks her age (37?) and has put on lots of weight – which are both fine. but as she is here as a glamorous model – she should AT LEAST dress in an age appropriate and weight appropriate manner.

        she should take notes from helen mirren and cate blanchett in how to dress in a classy and age appropriate manner. both ladies NAILED it on the red ccarpet.

        ….and WHAT is UP with the arched eyebrow?

      • I know.. she’s capable of looking SO much better.. I’m not saying that everyone in the industry should be a size zero, in fact I’m opposed to stick thin figures.. but if your job is to look good on screen, then why not take a few efforts to keep your weight in control?

    • there is so much that is wrong with this look. Queen Latifah who is a big woman manages to look effortless and divine whereas Ash who is not big at ALL falls flat every time.
      She always manages to pick the wrong dress or wrong do. She looked lovely in the Elie Saab dress minus the do and this time around the dress is all wrong. And whats wit the spanx showing…that is such a major faux pas!!!

      Wow she is so pretty but so clueless

  18. You all unanimously like this? Everything is working for me except the hair, once again. Just like in yesterday’s appearance it looks so amateurishly done. And it makes her look like a bird somehow. Look at the last pic and scroll until you can just see her from neck up: that looks SCARY.

    • Yes!!! I was just going to post the same thing, when I noticed ur post. I thought she came off soooo well, until I saw – the HAIR.

      I think today’s hairdo is only a tad better than yesterday. Seems like the front puff got smaller, but its the same backward swipe. I dont think that suits her. She looks best with either a middle or side parting. (I may be wrong, there just might be a hairstyle with a back swipe that she can carry, but I think it makes her face look more round looking in general.)

      So Prem Rogue, our hypothesis still holds. EXACTLY ONE mess up per day. :-)

      Today’s mess up, check.

      • You know what…. I think that backcombing/bouffanty front hair swipe back (or whatever u call it…can u tell I dont do hair) is definitely a trademark of the L’oreal hairstylist.

        Check out Eva Longoria day2. FUGLY fugly hair!!! You’ll know what I mean.

      • Hi Anu, ‘regarding the one mess up per day’ I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way! It’s been driving me nuts in every single Cannes appearance of hers ever since she first started going there. Mark my words, there are more WTFs coming up in the next few days – at the rate of one per day of course :)

        And they messed up Eva Longoria’s hair with the same horrid styling as well. I just hate that ‘poofed top, flat sides’ look…it looks so *punk-like*. The ugly hairstyle isn’t even executed well on either ladies; you can see the excessive mousse causing their hair to clump together in bits and look greasy and drab.

        My last rant on this topic is about Aishwarya’s insistence on dying her hair that ugly shade of mousy brown. Have you noticed how she only dyes her hair black for certain movie roles where she *has* to have black hair (e.g. period films like Jodha Akbar)? Imagine that – an Indian actress DYING her hair black for roles. As soon as the shoot is over she’s back to that drab brown shade, almost as if she wouldn’t be caught dead with black hair if she could help it.

        It is a welcome change to watch old movies where beautiful women like Sharmila Tagore, Hema Malini, Vyjyanthimala etc actually looked Indian.

        • I agree I hate the brown / blond hair. Some super dark women can pull off blond hair like high fashion models. That’s why I love Rekha she embraces her long black tresses. In fact she embraces her whole South Indian look instead of trying to look white and thus ridiculous.

  19. much better, but still its not there..her face is puffy, she looks like she squeezed into the dress…just not working…beautiful dress though

  20. she looks luvly BUT i dont think she feel comfortable in it, her body langauge says it all, her bag n hands are covering her stomach, i feel so that she is aware of her weight gain. NOT that i have i have any problem with a curvier woman!

  21. She looks FIERCE!! and by the way I just saw her close ups and side profile pics from Day 1 on another site and OMG she looks FAB!! P&P Please check this site “justjared” something..and her hairstyle looks so divine from the side profile! Very soft..very feminine!

  22. i dunno…don’t lynch me for saying this…but no matter what, she always looks a little off. in this one, it’s the slightly short gown, the godawful prom shoes, the flabby body, the smug look, the arched eyebrow…she just never ever ever does it for me. such a beauty but the attitude always kills it!! that siad, will say her ass looks awesome in this dress and the red lips are va va voom!!

  23. STUNNING….she looks HOTTTTTTTT…KUDOS TO HER….ND and for all the people who were criticizing her yesterday….Hope u got ur Answers….:) Simply Loving Her…

  24. 1. Stunning woman + stunning dress does NOT always equal optimum results

    2. Mrs. Bachchan, if you do not have the arms/shoulders for a strapless gown, you shouldnt wear one.

    3. The fish tail bottom accentuates her not-so-slim hips for no reason. Basic fashion rule…wear clothes that suit your body type…

    4. Top lid eye liner would have made her look younger.

    5. She looks super old with the bouffant hair…not working for her at all.

    6. A really nice look that had everything going for her…with some minor tweaks

  25. Ash never seems to get everything right. Here her make-up looks fabulous. You don’t usually see Indian actresses trying to red lips look and it works wonderfully on her.

    While the make-up works, the dress is too short and the shoes don’t look right either. You can see the spanx underneath and her middle portion still looks pudgy. I really wish she knew what works for her body type. She is no longer at the stage where she can wear anything and get away with it.

  26. I think I am in the minority here but she looks like a she is fit into a dress that is one size too small. She is pouring out of the dress and the fishtail cut makes her look bloated bigger than what she is.

    Its a pretty dress and she is a lstunning ovely lady but I am sure she could have done better.

  27. I think she looks good. The red lipstick against the black gown looks fantastic and she owns the look. I really don’t see what people meant when they said she looks uncomfortable.

    What further puzzles me is people claiming she looks old or not looking younger. IMO, for a woman well into her 30s, she looks fairly good. Oh well, different shades for different people, I presume.

  28. Guys some of u have posted ridiculously mean comments. Just because an actress gains some weight, doesn’t make her fat and ugly. Stop being superficial. She is gorgeous and couldnt have looked prettier. Thanx to ppl like her, Indian cinema is now being noticed. She carries herself so graceffully and has elegantly placed Indian cinema on the map. I mean come on, there are comments regarding her eyeliner – get over it. U cant even see those little imperfections!!! Geez.

    • We never denied that she’s been a catalyst in making Bollywood more popular. BUT, as you may have noticed, this is a fashion blog :) we don’t judge people by their acting skills or contribution to the entertainment field, we judge them based on how they look. And, as all of us know, it’s the little details that count and make up the whole look.

      • Just because its a fashion blog, you dont have to be as catty as possible. Calling a healthy curvy woman in her 30s fat and ugly is just pathetic.

        PnP: How is it that all the agesit comments/ comments about her body typeget moderated and mine dont? And I get ignored everytime I ask about it

        (I guess Im just wastingmy time typing this out because you are obviously not going to aknowledge this)

  29. I am gonna be the minority in this Ash fan club. Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s beautiful and represents India well, but this appearance, for me, is as bad as the previous one when she was wearing Elie Saab. i am not a fan of red lipstick and i think it looks very unnatural. very few women can carry off the red mouth look and Ash is not one of them. the hair is better than the hornet nest look from yesterday but it’s not great either. her overall face make up makes her look older than she is. add to all this, her weird mannerisms and poses and this appearance leaves a lot to be desired.

  30. She’s looking like a million bucks! gorgeous.

    Ya,her age has started showing now.She looks mature.One can also notice the aging from her neck.But that’s very human :-(

  31. Sorry, this is not the one for me.
    She definitely has put on weight(which is not an issue) but puhleeeez dress accordingly . There a gazillion designer gowns to flatter her body type but …. The red lips do not work at ll and neither does the hair do.

  32. Hey P&P – Did you guys know that they are quoting HHC in Newspapers and magazines…?! I read India today and a few others online and basically our verdict on Aishwarya and Mallika and Deepika is being recoganised as the official verdict on the Cannes red carpet war!
    Way to go girls!

  33. i love the red lips. the dress is fab in theory, not on her. Its not flattering her body type. the entire look makes her look fiftyish. where’s the radiance Ash? Where’s the Va va Voom?

    Give us a lighter DAY gown (like yesterdays’s), give us some fun hair,maybe loosely pinned waves ot tousled curls with a braided front..give us some shimmery makeup, and heavy duty peachy blusher and give us your million dollar look:-)

  34. She really really needs to tone her arms!! The look is definitely better than yesterday, but not really the best she could have pulled off!!

  35. You’re liking this look? Really? What’s to like? Her make-up looks patchy and not at all well done, the gown seems pretty boring and isn’t flattering her – esp around those armpits. And is that a panty-line? Even if it’s not – it’s something that looks just like one.

    Not liking this look – AT ALL! Very disappointed with Ash – who I really like otherwise.

  36. ok, i totally respect the fact that women put on weight with age and there’s no need to fight the changing body type, but if the body type changes, change your style with it. you cannot hang on to what you used to wear when you were…’svelte’. she’s gorgeous, no doubt, but she’s looked way better.

  37. Hair is nesty. Don’t like the red lips and the unlined inner rims of the eyes. The eyes seem to be a makeup trend that’s catching on in 2010, going by Deepika’s previous pics. Sigh. Does nobody like a classic Indian kohl smoulder anymore?

    And not to be mean, but I’m not liking the new pudginess. She was and is gorgeous.

  38. She looks so womanly and so divine. I am loving this look of hers. All women need not be skinny or toned. I am loving the fact that she is owning her body and is looking so confident. She looks like a proud Woman.

  39. How are these shoes hidden? – it may be just these pics, but they look very visible…and extremely off putting. Stunning dress though and she looks very confident. No one is more aware of her weight/size then oneself, and shes owning up to it.

  40. Thanks you guys! I know a lot of ppl here love Aishwarya Rai, but what everyone is forgetting is that this is a fashion blog. We may love her …and she has ample confidence no doubt, but that does not discount the fact that she is not in her best fashion persona. This is not a Bollywood fan club, so lets keep our personal loathes and loves aside and make it all about Fashion :)

  41. argghhhhhhhh…she tries so hard to look like shes not trying. Theres something about her that no matter how hard she tries she just doesn’t look international!
    Whats with the neck? Is that the photos recently or diet aftermath?
    Also – I swear thats a VPL – how wrong!
    And the hair is looking in need of serious rehab – must be that hairspray from yesterday lol…Shes so beautiful but I feel shes jumped from 30 to 40 so quickly… this is what happens when you spend younger days looking older, and older days trying to look young.

  42. Ash has this i-might-fart-anytime expression on her face and those eyebrows!! aargghhh!

    She looks much better than the other Saab gown though.

    Btw,what happened to give away contest?

  43. Nah.. i don’t like this.. I don’t like the silhouette (similar to the other gown she wore). And it’s kinda boring. Aside from that, she just looks different these days. Older? Maybe her hair, make-up and dressing has something to do with it.

  44. i think ash is gorgeous but this outfit doesn’t do her justice. she has put on too much weight for a skin-tight strapless outfit (for example, just look at her neck) and she is just not a sexy-red-lips kind of gal so cannot pull off that look. its better than the huge hair and ill-fitting gown from the night before but she can do a lot better.

    no problem with a celebrity putting on weight but its fair game to criticize if they do not dress well for their body-type etc. after all, the red carpet is all about them publicly parading their looks and their clothes.

    i loved her in the day pucci outfit. she looked comfortable in her own skin and i actually really loved the cut and print of the dress on her too.

  45. I think we all need to keep in mind before start bashing Ash that she is here to represent l’oreal..not India. Since, at this platform, l’loreal is appealing to foreign press as in mostly european, they have done her makeup, hair, outfits accordingly.

    Although Ash’s strongest features are her eyes, having a strong eye I think would be a little OTT for this outfit, which is very much old hollywood glam. Having said that her eye kinda washes her out.. I wish they would have lined her eyes with a nice dark brown or charcoal grey and given her falsies pumped up with mascara. I think it would have pulled the look together.

    As far as the do is concerned someone above stated that the bouffant maybe a signature trademark of l’loreal.. who knows i wish they would have side parted her hair and given her simple chignon.

    The dress if fab..a silhouette we’ve seen her carry off before..yes she might be a little out of shape..but you work with what you got

    And I really really wish someone would give her a tan or some bronzer or something..its the summer..she is way too kinda hurts my eyes.

    Here’s hoping they ditch the bouffant very very soon!!

    • She’s representing L’Oreal, is she? Someone please pass that memo to L’Oreal. If L’Oreal can make the most beautiful woman in the world look ordinary then I don’t want to buy any of their products – I mean what hope is there for the rest of us anyway? ;)

  46. dress is great, but hate the shoes, and the make up makes her look old, she is only 36, comeon, especially in the last pic. She needs a better make up, hair and styling, come on Ash you can afford better people than these.

  47. No. No.No, only the red lips work.. she needs to tone up.. needs to get her eyebrow corrected. needs to dress for her body.. needs to get her accessorries correct.. pl check out some of the other Intl actresses in gowns.. Ash pales in comparison

  48. I love red lips, n I love the fact that Ash has put some colour in her makeup palette instead of the dull lavenders, and brown pinks.

  49. A lot of ppl have commented that the makeup seems to be missing sumthing. Its because of the makeup round the eyes. smudged charcoal gray eyeliner from the middle of her eyelids. an eyelash curler, volume pumping mascara and charcoal gray eyeshadow on her lower lashline wud have made the look more complete.


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