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  1. ss at | | Reply

    Looks like she wanted to disguise her full term tummy underneath the busy design.. I didn’t like the dress a bit.. great that Aish made an appearance.

  2. Sandy at | | Reply

    Soooo good to see her again

  3. Jazz at | | Reply

    she looks fab!!! pregnancy becomes her

  4. slc at | | Reply

    I like…especially the matching flats.

    1. npm at | | Reply

      Ditto. Churidar fits right too.

  5. Surekha at | | Reply

    she looks like she wore a curtain and stepped out…
    that print and that color combination does not look good at all.

  6. GG at | | Reply

    She looks Radiant. That dress is just too heavy, dark and blingy at the same time. It works to an extent because its night time.
    However would have loved to see her in something softer to enhance that glow on her face. However she looks much much better than her husband whose pic has been cut here. He attributes his fashion sense (rather lack of it ) to abu – sandeep .

    1. Asha at | | Reply

      100% agree with your comments.

      I don’t think Abu-Sandeep should be flattered that Abhishek attributes his style sense to them, lol!

  7. kasthuri at | | Reply

    I dont like this suit but i love how she is dressing through her pregnancy. Covered flowy clothes that look decent and respectable at all times.

  8. Rash at | | Reply

    Awwwww she looks tired :( But great to see her !!

  9. DewDrops at | | Reply

    I think the churidaar is great. It does a great job of hiding her tummy. I like the way it fits her. Its the first time, she doesnt feel the need to hide her bump with a duppatta (like on all previous occasions), its becoz of the material of her suit, the heavy work on it and the dark tones on it.. I find it suitable and pretty on her at the same time.

  10. amz at | | Reply

    awww she looks absolutely glowing and gorgeous! she does NOT look like she’s about to give birth in a mere few weeks!

  11. ronan at | | Reply

    i had to go through every post on the first 3 pages to get here , the minute i heard aish made an app at abu celebration , i clicked direct to hhc .. he he…

    he he he he

  12. Ash Khan at | | Reply

    she looks fab!

  13. jean at | | Reply

    she looks gorgeous!!! love the churidaar suit & those flats…

  14. arpitha at | | Reply

    too blingy, but hides her bump effortlessly.

  15. No Mad Momma at | | Reply

    Like she aint hiding THE bump (rolls eyes), silly to cover up with a dupatta really. Like the outfit, NOT. Cute flats though

  16. Juls at | | Reply

    She looks horrible. That dress is awful. And why does a pregnant woman have to hide her tummy. Remember how good Lara looked in an Herve Leger.

  17. Rashmi at | | Reply

    I think she’ll have a baby “girl” wish them both the best.

  18. Clueless at | | Reply

    My two bits in the to show the baby bump or not debate. Its common practice among Indians and doubly so in traditional Indian households to shield the baby bump unlike the west where everything is in your face. It is not some badge of honour but a very personal experience. I love our traditions and would do the exact same thing if I were her. I don’t understand why everything has to be understood/experienced through the western lens. Also, in her case the intense media scrutiny is obviously making her all the more protective.

  19. Padma at | | Reply

    It’s one thing to have Abu-Sandeep on your speed dial but it’s quite a different story if you have to wear their horrendous designs (some of their work is exquisite, not all )…this being one of them.

  20. bongbabe at | | Reply

    why did you not feature her husband who was standing next to her? now HE was a WTHHHeyyy if i ever saw one. fashion moron, that abhishek.

    ARB looks like the display case at a gold jewellery shop. not my cup of tea, but she likes it so its all good.

  21. oshoriri666 at | | Reply

    she stepped out at the peak-time nearing her delivery?


  22. Teehee at | | Reply

    I think it’s sweet that she’s been covering up the baby. When the baby (babies?) grow up they will probably appreciate it… I mean I don’t remember seeing a million pics of me while I was in my mom’s tummy! She covered that ish up. It’d be embarrassing! I think it’s so sweet that she’s being super protective and I think she’ll make an amazing mother! She looks great in this outfit! Perfect choice!

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