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  1. slc at | | Reply

    Yeah, it’s the same as her recent sightings….white and bling. But I love the suit on Aishwariya and she looks lovely. I probably would have preferred churidaar or even narrow pants over the palazzo but I’m just fishing for faults. Forgiven for not changing hair either.

  2. Jo at | | Reply

    No . I give up .

  3. prep-y at | | Reply

    Aishwariya should do more of white, the color suits her. I really like this appearance of hers excepts the pants, they look odd with the heels. I also like Huma’s look a lot!

  4. BlueBells at | | Reply

    Huma, Aishwarya and Bipasha.. If I were to put them in order. Absolutely love the lehenga on Huma. That is my style of dressing for traditional looks. Soft pastel clothing with large earrings and cocktail ring and hair down. She has such a beautiful face!!!
    Love Aish’s Kurti on her. Love the makeup and addition of that watch. Makes the look sophisticated.
    As for Bipasha, she looks nice but then I don’t like the hair colour as well as the clutch!

  5. Shreya at | | Reply

    Same here not a fan of somehow shapeless palazzos….this trend of pairing everything with palazzos just bothers me.would always go for well fitted churiders.

  6. Lalitha at | | Reply

    I esp like Ash’s outfit, I like the shoes too. Gorgeous Ash!

  7. S at | | Reply

    I think she’s looking lovely

  8. Anicca at | | Reply

    Ash can never get most clothes right apart from bling and strange.
    This appearance is no different. Its a special talent to look so silly in a palazzo suit in white colour but she manages too. Looks so meh.

  9. Saudamini at | | Reply

    Super tight sleeves and bust begging for air.
    Super loose not to mention super high palazzos teamed with heels.
    Super boring hairstyle
    She knows super well how to ruin everything. AIshwarya, Madhuri, Shilpa and Raveena yesteryear actresses still stuck in the trashy 90’s dress sense.

  10. Renu at | | Reply

    I dont know whats wrong – the pant or that pose with the pant.

  11. Kirsa at | | Reply

    Same ol’ same ol’

  12. Asha at | | Reply

    That awkward moment when Huma looks way better than Aishwarya.

  13. Fashion4pas at | | Reply

    Not loving the outfits. The models look the best then Huma, followed by Bipasha because their makeup is no too OTT.

    1. Sapphire at | | Reply

      The model wins it and looks so beautiful beside Ash. I can’t believe I am saying this coz to me Ash is the most beautiful woman. Next follows Huma and Bipasha.

  14. Unda murgi at | | Reply

    That face!

  15. priya at | | Reply

    Atleast you have got to appreciate that she took the copy Athiya’s summer palazzo look seriously. ;-)
    But what she forgot is that while some have a easy fashion style which is inherent to them Aishwarya doesn’t possess it all try as she might, she is a bad dresser.

  16. Sup at | | Reply

    Huma and Bipasha look lovely.
    Would have to ignore Aishwarya here.

  17. Nova at | | Reply

    Huma and the models look fab!

  18. Monika at | | Reply

    Those pants are not working on Aish at all.

  19. Swapnesh Sharma at | | Reply

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