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  1. Sapphire at | | Reply

    She looks good but I don’t like the filling of the eyebrows.

  2. Bhoomi at | | Reply

    Love it, it feels like a breath of fresh air in the jungle of those million times seen flashy ornate gowns.

    1. Yashita at | | Reply


    2. Alisha at | | Reply

      +1. It’s so different from the usual shimmer,shine,sheer,slits etc

  3. Sonia at | | Reply

    Her clothes are always so royal, so classic!

    1. April at | | Reply

      I agree.

  4. whteve at | | Reply

    yes she looks good. however am bored of this silhouette on her. time to do new things aditi!

  5. Rashmi at | | Reply

    She looks fab! Effortlessly styled & good makeup without going OTT. Aditi pulls this off with so much ease. The gown looks adorbs on her!

  6. Karishma at | | Reply

    She’s looking awesome!

  7. Mona at | | Reply

    Aditi has delicate bone structure and mostly gives off an understated, dignified and peaceful look. The gown is anything but these things yet the styling helps her to pull it off.

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