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  1. Deepti at | | Reply

    The second outfit is just plain comical. She’s such a beautiful human being, I don’t understand why her stylist is bent on putting such monstrosities on her. Beautiful girl, unfortunate clothes.

    1. Sapphire at | | Reply

      Yes Deepika looks good here because she is good looking, slim and tall. Not that the clothes are good or the stylist is good. Poor job by this stylist.

    2. Aash at | | Reply

      Exactly my thoughts

    3. Sup at | | Reply

      True, don’t like either look, the severe hair does nothing for her.

  2. Neharika at | | Reply

    i do not like either. The stripped trouser looks weird. The length seems off too. They should have either been cropped pants or full length. The second one is very costume-like and I miss a pop of a color. Although I must say that both these looks are better in comparison to the disaster outfits she has been wearing these days.

    1. Alisha at | | Reply

      Aren’t you a Sonam fan? And no I am not hating. Just asking!

      1. Neharika at | | Reply

        Naah…not really…I am a kangana fan though :)

  3. BlueBells at | | Reply

    She looks smashing in look 1. What a body and what a oh so gorgeous face! Man she can give Hollywood celebs a run for their money in terms of looks (my opinion, I know I’ll be crucified for this). Love the first look!!!

    Second look is hilarious. I would question my stylist if they made me wear that atrocity! The pants instantly reminded me of SRK in OSO. Gosh, yuck.. But that face is well that face.. Always beautiful even in look 2 :)

    1. Sapphire at | | Reply

      Haha… even I think Indian cinema heroines look more beautiful than Hollywood heroines like Sonali Bendre, Aishwarya Rai, Dia Mirza etc. And Hollywood heroes look more handsome than Indian cinema heroes.:P I have many favourite Hollywood heroes.

      1. BlueBells at | | Reply

        Hehe I agree. I like our Indian beauties more, especially our Dips :P Aish, Dia and Sonali Bendre are endearing and timeless beauties, love them! <3 And only Hrithik has the hollywood standard of Hotness in B-town. :D

        1. Sapphire at | | Reply

          Agree only Hrithik has Hollywood hero looks in Bollywood. And Milind Soman and Arjun Rampal look like greek gods in modelling.:D

          1. Avani at |

            +1. I always tell my friends if at all some actor from India can work in an Hollywood movie particularly like in a super hero role, it can ONLY be Hrithik. What a hottie and those eyes of his *drools*. ;)

          2. Sapphire at |

            Yes his entry scene in Dheere Dheere song, he looks so hunky. Even I always tell that Hrithik is the perfect match for Aishwarya on screen in terms of looks. They both have same eyes.

          3. BlueBells at |

            Agree with you Sapphire and Sup. Hrithik, Milind Soman, Arjun Rampal and my new hottie Farhan Akhtar <3 have the capability to set the mercury high.. Rest look good too but no match for these blokes. :D

          4. Avani at |

            Yes, Dhoom 2. They were the most hottest and handsome pair on screen. Talking about Milind, he has done a couple of Villan roles in South, he looks even more hot in those roles. :D

        2. Sup at | | Reply

          Farhan looks way hotter than Hrithik at times. Check out Dil Dhadakne Do, I just wanted to take him home!!
          I hope Hrithik gets over his Hollywood (particularly Bradley Cooper) ape-ing ways.
          Such an amazing actor..

          1. Sapphire at |

            Farhan looks arresting in Wazir, from what I saw from the teasers. And Aditi looks pretty. She has this old world charm like Dia Mirza to suit the role.

          2. Sup at |

            Yeah, I do wish we see more of her in movies.

  4. Sandya at | | Reply

    Her clothes are getting worse day by day.. The second one is a just a DISASTER !!! It looks like a kitchen apron. Seems like she has turned into a clown!

  5. Puneeta at | | Reply

    I am just going to imagine that the second look is for a 70s themed HAlloween party. She looks smashing in both. Gosh, those legs.

  6. DiptiN at | | Reply

    I do not mind the first outfit. The second one is more appropriate to a masquerade. She may have borrowed it from ranveer. But she is soooo beautiful.

  7. aria at | | Reply

    Sometime, I feel you guys try every way to get away complementing her. While I don’t care about either the pants in first or entire later ensemble but she looked super smashing and totally owned the first look.

  8. Sd at | | Reply

    It’s a crime..to make one of the most beautiful women in the world wear such hideous outfits..I am a huge fan of this most amazingly gorgeous woman but she needs to go back to Anaita..asap.

    1. Tania at | | Reply

      I hope I don’t get blasted for this, since there are many overhyper fangirls here but really ? one of the most beautiful girl in the world?
      That seems kind of farfetched.
      Anyways, getting back to the post. She looks elegant in the first look and clownish in the second.

      1. Alisha at | | Reply

        Being an “overhype” fangirl better than being a dedicated hater. The commentator finds Deepika the most beautiful in the world,what is so farfetched in it? Who decides if it’s farfetched? You might not find her good looking but the commentator does.

  9. anna at | | Reply

    OK, that settles it. Her stylist IS trying to mess with us.

  10. Leelee at | | Reply

    The second look is indeed a disaster. It is high time for her to change her stylist.

  11. Alisha at | | Reply

    The first look is gorgeous and no the pants don’t look weird. In the second look,the only saving grace is her angelic face

  12. Dits at | | Reply

    Did Ranveer Singh Style deepika Padukone ?!

    Weird , bad clothes

    1. Sup at | | Reply

      but oh no, pls don’t insult ranveer’s style.
      If he ever did style her, she’d look the best she ever has, even in a sack !!
      What’s worst about these styled appearances is our actors seem to lose their personalities and / or look so uncomfortable, which he never does.

  13. nisha b at | | Reply

    Omg I think the stylist has a vengeance towards her. She’s starting to look so comical..look 2 seems like as if she’s promoting royal london circus.

  14. Violet at | | Reply

    I’m going to stop blaming the stylist and assume for my own peace of mind that Ranveer is picking her outfits :P There’s no other logical explanation for the second one. Neck up, she is stunning. As for the first one, cab;t get on board with the striped pants either. Such a shame that her pic with Nadal (which he tweeted, would’ve grabbed international eyeballs) was with such a poor look/outfit.

  15. Aash at | | Reply

    Being anaita back

  16. Aash at | | Reply

    Bring anaita back

  17. Swati at | | Reply

    I’ve held my tongue too long – Deepika, we’re not in the 70s, and we’re not in the mood for this type of 70s revival either. Also, this Shaleena Nathani person needs to be fired because she is stuck in a rut.

    1. Melange at | | Reply


  18. Anaya at | | Reply

    I wonder if actors have a sense of style of their own. How on earth did Deepika agree to wear these horrendous outfits! Why do they agree they wear what stylists give them blindly? Or do they not have any access to mirror? It’s such a pity because these clothes do no justice to her beauty.

    1. aaliyah at | | Reply

      i’m always thinking the same… ^^

  19. PinknBlue at | | Reply

    Is it mandatory for celebs to wear whatever the stylist selects? I guess some discretion shd be used.Can’t blame the stylist entirely for such attites..

  20. Debbie at | | Reply

    Both outfits are just bad!! I think the Indian celebs are having a particularly bad run these last 2 months…haven’t seen 1 half decent outfit, Deepika’s choices have been rather appalling.

  21. Sheetala at | | Reply

    The Ranvir Singh effect is evident!!

  22. inca at | | Reply

    She looks like a JOKER…… Give her a HAT too…

  23. ik at | | Reply

    she is a beautiful elegant girl,these type of looks wouldnt suit her.Maybe on someone quirky like jacqueline it might fare better.

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