A Suited Face Off

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Both Zayed and Rahul attended their respective events in casual suits but who did their look better? Our vote goes to Rahul, who gets yours?

You can check out more pictures of them at The Gallery.


Left: Zayed Khan at IIFA 2009 Fashion Show Press Meet
Right: Rahul Khanna at Audi Q5 Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I voted for Rahul, but I think they are both a breath of fresh air, the way it seems like every guy sans Abhishek(and even he is often a miss when he’s not being styled) cannot dress to save their lives. Not to mention, Rahul is a cutie!

    In theory, Zayed’s SHOULD have worked, but something’s not adding up (me thinks it’s the hair and the sleezy expression)
    Rahul is SERIOUSLY the best dressed Desi guy I’ve ever seen. So classy!

  3. Wow – i’m surprised how everyone’s voted for Rahul,… i definitely prefer Zayed’s look… to me – rahul looks like a high school teacher gone wrong! Zayed looks funky and young….it’s a fresh and fun look!


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