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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know Yuvraj and Hazel tied the knot this past week. The couple had their wedding trousseau exclusively designed by JJ Valaya and below are pics from their Delhi reception.

Unfortunately, we don’t have pics from their other events but you can check out their exclusive spread for Hello wearing their wedding outfits HERE.

Our congratulations to the newly weds.


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • I agree. Having said that, I wonder if these outfits anyway just get returned to the designer? Whereupon they are dry cleaned and sold for mega money to the next bakra fashion victim who says, I want exactly what Hazel Keech had worn.

    • I am not sure I quite understand this comment. I did not think wedding outfits were meant to stand the test of time. You are supposed to wear your wedding outfit only on your wedding day! Regardless, I think Hazel’s outfit is pretty recyclable, and I think she looks lovely. The lehenga doesn’t have a ton of bling and may look rather attractive with a pared down blouse at another event or someone else’s wedding. Yuvraj’s outfit is a little over the top for my taste. As for her hair not “suiting” Indian clothes – perhaps her hair is dyed that color, but just in case it isn’t, I cannot ever imagine somebody stating that dark brown/black Indian hair does not work with say a pair of jeans or a skirt. She’s half British, and cannot help her hair or complexion…

      • That hair color isn’t her natural hair color, so its OK to call her out for it because it really didn’t suit her. I do believe her look wouldn’t been elevated had she chosen to be a brunette.

      • I suppose what they meant by saying that these outfits will not ‘stand the test of time’, is that although the design and geometric patterns on these outfits may be haute couture right now, a few years down the line these designs will be fads and these same outfits are going to look gaudy, loud, tacky and downright embarrassing in photographs. I know Indian weddings are all about bling, but Yuvraj’s outfit especially looks like an acid trip.

        I have to agree with this idea. Think of Diana’s voluminous wedding gown, appreciated then, ridiculed now. Not a huge fan of Kareena, but her wedding trousseau borrowed from MIL Sharmila was beautiful in a very traditional design – so classy and demure even after all these years.

        • I guess we have to agree to disagree. I really hated Sharmila’s wedding outfit, both on herself and Kareena. Kareena only wore it for the photo shoot, and then changed into super blingy sarees and lehengas. I for one, would hate to have looked like my mother or my MIL at my wedding, I wanted to look like me. I sincerely hope my daughter will never have to make that choice either. Hazel wore very traditional clothes at both her wedding ceremonies, this outfit was for a reception in Delhi.


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