Grey Goose!

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Both, Dia and Anupama made appearance in all grey outfits and while it was an upgrade for Ms. Anupama(relatively speaking to her previous appearances..), it was a major downgrade for Ms. Dia! She had been doing so well recently!

Anupama @ “Zindagi Live” Launch
Dia @ “Woodstock Villa” Premiere


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  1. Actually Anupama’s dress looks like she got it made from one of her mom’s old sarees.Yeah I agree there is very little tackyness involved!

  2. r u kiddin me?! anupama looks better than her usual preening self but the whole look is sort of dreary ..and i thought dia looked fab!

  3. even a non-celeb wud have trashed the dress anupama’s wearing .. its got nothing..

    i m not lying if, I say that my help at home has a similar brown coloured dress wid lace on the neck n the sleeve with the same ill fitting psuedo ‘synthetic chudidar’

  4. Priyanka,
    true. its not that great.. but compared with what she has been caught in previously(side slit pants.shirts with shoe laces)..this is actually far better..!

  5. Dia looks OK. I mean I know the grey is kind od drab, but she does have some bling thrown in there. Somehow I always feel that her foundation shade is off…like its the wrong color for her skin tone or something. Or maybe its just the lighting and I am just hallucinating…LOL

  6. i actually like Dia’s grey top.. looks nice..
    Anupama.. less said the better.. ugly outfit as ever.. ugly shoes as well..

  7. Diya’s top is very nice. I wish she had worn it with a pair of dark jeans or even black pants. That top is actually hard to carry off. It can look tacky…but diya does justice to it.

  8. ,,,I don’t really like Dia’s top :/ It’s ok (looks like something my mom would wear) but not what she should wear to a premire. She has been looking so chic lately too; plus she looks really washed out…i saw pictures of her with Aishwarya and she looked like her more depresed twin.
    Anupama doesn’t look as bad as she usually does…considering some of the things she’s pulled lately PLUS that bag pose is gone ;)
    btw I think Ash wore that same black dress to this premire that she did for the Sarkar Raj music launch o_O…she’s not usually one to repeat… especially when the events are so close, so maybe it was on the same day?

  9. I don’t see any upgrade in Anupama’s style (or the lack of it). The bra looks oversized, she forgot to iron the creases off her kurta, an ill-fitting churidar and the footwear….seems like no one went all the way down to notice.

  10. I like Dias look-casual, would look better if she changed that top but not so bad. As for Anupama, she is going down the Sonali Kulkarni way. I thought noone could dress as badly as Sonali but looks like I have been proved wrong.

  11. ok ok, i get what you guys mean…from her disasters before, anupama seems to have improved. i guess she’s more covered and isnt splitting from the seams like before. but that still doesn’t mean anything! lol omg the dress is horrible!!!!

    @pdaevo…omg yes! the bag pose is gone gone gone! God is being merciful! lol however, notice lack of bag…maybe she should just never carry a bag. ever.

    and i like Dia’s look.


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