WLIFW: Suneet Varma

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Suneet Varma’s collection was called the ‘Lure of the Orient’ and in its interpretive form there were dresses of many lengths, embellished, appliquéd and in vivid bursts of color! Owing to the title perhaps, but there was that one mandarin collar dress and the mandatory red and blacks as far as colors go. Couldn’t help but notice the really funky knee high socks! Actually, those socks were the only things that stayed true to the ‘Lure of the Orient’ for me, can quite see school girls and young women in Ginza strutting in them!


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  1. The runaway platform and the garments are overwhelming for the eyes to focus. Hair and garments look more spanish, reminds me of toreros. Besides the socks staying true to theme, the prints in the border of first dress, red with black embroiderey and the white with black embroderies hints me of Anna Sui’s prints in her collection.


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