WLIFW: Rehane

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‘Space Age Sundari’ was the theme of Rehane’s fall collection. Rich, vibrant silks provided the ethnic base to western silhouettes. The color palette included royal blue, plum, bottle green with extensive goldwork.


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  1. The hightlight is on the Indian prints and colours, but the designs wasted those beautiful fabrics. I like the use of fabrics only on third and fourth garments. The greek inspired headpieces are aceeptable on them, but the rest are just OTT.

  2. the colours jus jump at u but in a pleseant way..itz quite naice to luk at…only if a lil less work n more focus on togetherness wud hav lukd awesome….sum pieces are too busy…cant decide wat to luk at first..the top the bottom n detail

  3. Her clothes are not too bad at all but she is an absolute nightmare to work with. I had her design a dress for me , she basically took it out of a magazine , promised and did not deliver even half of what she promised and charged me a bomb. Oh and she did not have the dress ready on time and one of the UGLY embellishments she STUCK on to it came off by the end of the evening. A waste of time and money. Oh and a crazy , delusional personality. a very very bad experience all in all.

  4. […] made from a sari or worse, old curtains.) But, it sure did remind me of the collection presented by Rehane at Wills Fashion Week, which infused western silhouettes with ethnic which I fell in love […]

  5. I like the way she fused the typical south Indian traditionial designs with her creativity especially 1st and 8th garment but yet some garments show her talents but they are not wearable.Yeah It would be better if she could reduce her concentration on thick fabrics.


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