WLIFW Autumn 2009: Priyadarshini Rao

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priyadarshini-rao-1.jpg priyadarshini-rao-2.jpg

priyadarshini-rao-3.jpg priyadarshini-rao-4.jpg

priyadarshini-rao-5.jpg priyadarshini-rao-6.jpg

priyadarshini-rao-7.jpg priyadarshini-rao-8.jpg


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  1. Not exactly a comment to the designs, but the first model looks a lot like Iman! I also like the dress she’s wearing as well…there’s bits and pieces from each piece that I can appreciate, but probably not on a whole.

  2. loved these outfits! finally a designer figured out how to use vertical stripes properly! I hate horizontal stripes but they are everywhere and they just make us look fatter, wider and shorter…y then every tee in the mall has horizontal only is beyond me!

  3. i love these outfits. i wish we could wear clothes like these in suburban usa and without eliciting a “your english is flawless!” remark.

  4. lol i know what u mean PeachBellini, but thankfully its not that bad in England…

    to the dresses, i really like these…they’re not bound by ‘time’ they’re almost classic silhouettes for ethnic wear, yet what makes them so very different is the craftmanship, material, colours etc…

    i would buy and wear her clothes…

  5. @PeachBellini.. I agree. The outfits do have an Indian touch that I like but are very urban looking as well…1,2,3,4,6 in particular

  6. @Peach Bellini
    lol, I’ve never had anyone say that to me
    …but then again I’ve never worn anything quite so ethnic
    I do like the clothes though

  7. @PeachBellini: ahahaha that’s hilarious! Yeh, there is a reason why I don’t wear clothes like that…I do not want to be called a FOB. Identity issues maybe?
    It’s such a pity, because it means I miss out on wearing such nice things sometimes!

  8. when one is talking abt their wearability..i really like the first one…one can team it up with a lovely lycra stretchable churidar to give it a traditional yet trendy look(when d need arises).


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