It’s Giveaway Time!

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The weekend may not be here yet but here is something to make you feel better. India and US residents, you have a chance to win the below sequin and embroidered fries t-shirt from Punarvi.


– To win the fries tee, tell us who most recently was spotted wearing a Punarvi tee.
– Like their page on Facebook here.
-Follor them on Twitter here or Instagram here.
– Leave your answer to the questions above in the comments sections here. Please do not email answers. We won’t consider your entry if you leave links.
– Contest ends on 30th Of November and is open only to US and India Residents.

Want to win the Pizza tee? Well head over to our Instagram to find out how you can win it.

Good luck!

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  1. 1) Nina Dobrev was recently spotted wearing the Punarvi Pizza Tee while at the Rock4EB! charity concert in Malibu.
    2) Liked their Page, Followed on Instagram and Twitter as well.
    3) Also answered the Instagram Question 😉

    Hoping to win this Time… 😀

  2. Nina Dobrev was most recently spotted wearing a Punarvi tee and Parineeti Chopra wore a Punarvi tee on her birthday. 🙂 Done liking Facebook page and following on instagram. 🙂

  3. Most recently on Nina Dobrev while at the Rock4EB charity concert
    before this Parineeta Chopra had worn it on her birthday

    Absolutly love love the T shirt!!

  4. Nina Dobrev was spotted wearing a Punarvi pizza tee while at the Rock4EB! charity concert in Malibu. Also, Parineeti Chopra wore the same for her birthday celebrations.

    Followed Punarvi and HHC on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  5. Punarvi shirt with the pizza design was recently spotted on Nina Dobrev, the american actress…and before that Parineeti Chopra in India…
    punarvi is being followed now =)


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