Who Wore Gauri and Nainika Better?

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Aishwarya in the black, Deepika in the white or Yana in the teal?

Ash @ Lux Promotional Event

Deepika @ Chivas 25 Launch in New York

Yana @ PETA 8th Anniversary Bash

Edit: Can I say how miffed I am that the ladies had to hide the best part of the dress with their hair!! The braided straps on the dress are what make the outfit different, it is just a shame that straps get hidden! But then, neither am I a fan of Yana’s crop!


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  1. that’s a terrible picture of aishwarya so it’s not a fair comparison. also it’s hard to pick who didthe look better when you can’t see footwear or accessories apart from that gold clutch. also aishwarya really needs someone to help fix her hair.

  2. Even though I fall in the ‘usually tend to dislike aishwarya’ I have to disagree with the above and admit she looks pretty good in that dress.


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