Who Wore Dolce And Gabbana Better?

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Petra with her natural color or Gauri with her overdone tan! (Do we sound a little biased already?) 😉

Petra Nemcova @ 4th Annual Black Ball

Gauri @ Post Filmfare Bash at Bling

If you think you can pull this outfit off, it can be yours through Bergdorf Goodman. That is if you have $5995 to spare!

Buy via Bergdorf Goodman


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  1. Umm… I hope that was not a serious question.
    Petra looks fab in almost everything (including this), Gauri on the other hand looks horrible in almost everything (including this, which really amazes me. It requires a lot to make an amazing dress not look good)

  2. Gauri looks simply awful…what’s with this tanned look and the so-silver-it-hurts-my-eye-dress…and the awful pink lipstick and the silver chappals!! Yuck…yuck..yuck!! With all that money spent, she could have adorned even a Gauri and Nainika gown and looked better! They seem to be the hottest designers yet. If I hadn’t known better (it being a D&G dress), I’d have thought the dress was purchased in one of Bangkok’s road-side boutiques!Too much bling it hurts my poor eyes!

  3. i think she would have loked uch better had she just got in a smaller size, then it would fit right ,
    the fit is everything, these models and pined and probed until the dress fits them like a second skin
    admit though the tan : its gotta go
    shoes are st ……horrendous….


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