Where’s Your Bling?


    Bling can go onto the strangest things, whether its on the smallest and cheapest (the shuffle) from the ipod family, tipping its price to $40,000 or on a handbag made with leather thats infused with 18k gold! There’s a commode that can bedazzle you or the toaster that can toast with the glimmer of a crystal! There’s of course the Playstation controller in solid white gold and diamonds, but what really takes the cake, are those toothpick sleeves which are diamond encrusted! Really, bling goes on everywhere and anywhere!!

    Left: Swarovski Crystal Toaster
    Right: Bedazzled Commode

    Left: Gold And Diamond-Encrusted Toothpick Sleeves.
    Right: Diamond And Gold Coated IPod Shuffle

    Left: Diamond Encrusted Sony Playstation Controller
    Right: The Zagliani Python Leather Handbag



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