Shopping Together?

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We hope Ms. Azmi (in what we think is Anuradha Vakil) and Konkona haven’t been shopping together!


Shabana Azmi, ‘Welcome To Sajjanpur’ Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I love Anuradha Vakil and was wondering if Shabana would wear anything by Vakil soon. She walked the runway for her a few years back. Looked incredible…………in a saree. This outfit is pretty awful though. Dupatta looks pretty drab too.

  2. Adity is not Adit is he/she?- are they B-Wood connected as well?
    honestly though, I LOOOVE these people, I wish more B-wood celebs were active socially and had maganimous talent and acted in roles that actually has some substace etc.
    …and I think her face has alyals looked like that


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