Vision (Hardly) In White : A Faceoff

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Spotted Aishwarya Rai at Neeta Lulla’s after party and Sameera Reddy at Neeta Lulla’s fashion show in their respective white outfits…looking predictably disappointing!

Aishwarya Rai

Sameera Reddy

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  1. Aishwarya looks safe and predictable and boring. But then she really has no eye for fashion or fashion stylists. Therefore she gets a pass. Forgive those who do not know (though in her business she should know). Atleast she is not wearing one of Neeta’s more bizaare looks in homage.

    Sameera really looks very nice. I think I like this woman in desi clothes. Perhaps less showy earrings (much smaller chandeliers) and no bangle. The top is busy enough with the lace on the collar and wrists. Oh and she ditched her favorite awful shoes for some nice ones. Yaaay!

    This round to Sameera!


  2. aishwarya’s dress is very pretty but looks like this lady has “phases”. when she wears saris its just that, and now its dresses. one function after another….she needs to spice up her fashion a little bit, its boring and immunizes us to be indifferent. also, not a fan of heavy gold jewelery with western clothes!
    the problem i have with samira’s dress is that it looks like there is too much white! a short kurti, sleeveless, an interesting dupatta or shoes…something..anything..would have broken the head to toe monotony.

  3. sameera FINALLY doesnt look like an idiot! i like her better in indian clothes too!

    and aishwarya, well she definately needs to spice it up!

  4. ash – predictably boring.

    sameera – looks nice in india… but i must add that this outfit is quite sad. its what i’d expect anyone off the street to wear. why not abraham and thakore or sabyasachi for indian? this is like those biba outfits you get at shoppers stop.


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