Viola Wednesday Giveaways


Round Three is on and for this one all you have to do is find the price of the pendant featured below. Hop over to the Viola Jewels site (Here) and leave your answers in the comments field with your email address. We’ll pick three random correct answers and those folks will win Rs. 1000 vouchers that they can use at any Viola Jewels store.

Again, the contest is only open to the readers residing in India. Get all your entries in by 31st Dec, Noon, India time.


P.S. We won’t be approving the comments until the contest is over. :)


Congratulations to the winners of last week’s contest:
1. MinalG
2. Bhavana
3. Shruti
(Some of you left your email within the text section, which is why your comments haven’t been approved but your entries were considered. :) )


  1. Price of the Pendant is Rs 7,410.
    After going thru this blog I bought two items from Viola and u know what i’v already started getting compliments for their beautiful designs. good goin. Awesome work. :)
    My next purchase is surely going to be this pendant. :)
    As of now just keeping my fingers crossed, hope i win this one. :) :)


  2. Hullo..the price of the pendant is Rs. 7,410. I really love the Viola collection — its so much fun!! Thanks for a chance to win. Cheers :)



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