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For her appearance at an awards event, Vidya picked a Gaurang suit to wear. With her hair in a braid, the actor finished out the look with a pair of hoop earrings and metallic sandals.

Between the volume and all that yellow, Ms. Balan looked just a tad overwhelmed… Wish she had picked a suit that wasn’t quite as volume heavy.

Vidya Balan At TOISA 2017

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. That is just awful. And what makes it a complete fail is that HUGE border at the bottom. Gold on yellow…its like she picked it up from a local sunday bazaar. Even the yellow colour looks downmarket and not spring like if that was the look they were after. Its yards and yards of terror. Add to that the sloppy hair and the black shoes and god knows what else is going on there…its head to foot awful

    • Hahahaha! You said it. And the tragedy is these are designer clothes. But at least the usual so called “statement” necklace has not had a part to play in this shabby look.

  2. It’s going to be a long while before this versatile actress finds silhouettes that match her body type, colours that suit her, styling that isn’t at odds with her persona. Until then, it’s her genial aura and lovely face that shall enthrall her fans.

  3. Few days back I watched an old interview of Ms.Balan(called actresses’ roundtable) wherein she spoke about how she does not ‘get’ fashion and was severely critised for her fashion sense(or the lack of it) by a reader of a fashion blog.I felt it takes a gutsy person,especially one in public eye,to admit such a thing so openly.Have been a fan of her work, and now it has made me admire her even more!
    P&P, how about a star speak write up by Ms.Balan..just a thought..

    • She has a stylist though, probably not a good one. Check her instagram, she lists her stylist, the designer of the outfits and jewelry.
      Can’t buy the “not a fashionista”, “regular” woman excuse anymore. She’s not a regular woman, she is a movie star with every possible resource at her disposal. Yet, she turns up like this, it’s inexplicable.

  4. I love Vidya but this suit just swallows her up. I wish she wears styles that don’t engulf her because she has such a delicate face.

  5. I think we need to stop criticizing vidya so severely on her choice of clothes. She tends to stick to simple classic outfits and they are pretty on their own but because she’s not stick thin so we tend to dismiss it by saying it’s not pretty it’s too much etc. some of the criticism is so damn harsh! Aditi just wore a pink voluminous anarkali and it looks great because she’s so slim but the anarkali itself is pretty ugly
    and common and can also be found in most bazaars. I’m sure if aditi wore this yellow dress she would make it look great too!
    I think no matter what vidya wears she will get critiqued harshly because she doesn’t fit into the conventional slim model body. I for one think it’s great she’s not, it makes a lot of normal people feel okay, that you can be a hit in Bollywood and not be perfect. She’s worn sarees and palazzo kurtas and anarkalis and basically no look has been appreciated. I’m not really sure what she can wear that would receive compliments! If vidya ties her hair up or down or anything it’s criticized. She’s a pretty and talented woman, why can’t we just appreciate her and the dress for what it is?
    I like her dress above, I would totally wear it and I think it’s a super pretty yellow! It’s a very Indian summer yellow, it’s the color of gorgeous marigolds, not sure what downmarket yellow looks like nor has extra yards of fabric ever been so terrorizing for anyone. Hilarious!

    • +1 totally agree. She is not in movies to be a fashionista but to showcase her talent. I agree that because she does not have a model figure she gets criticised too much for her outfits. Well atleast she will be remembered for some terrific performances unlike the rest of the Bollywood crowd.

  6. The dress is what we have come to expect of Gautama. I don’t find any fault there. All I would is switch the duppatta to a contrast color- maybe green to offset that yellow. The yellow on yellow is what creates the illusion of volume.

  7. Not working, it’s just bad design and a waste of beautiful fabric. I can’t imagine this flattering any body type.
    I don’t understand what downmarket means?..

    • If I was to hazard a guess then i think it means cheap. I personally feel that is not true. Vidya has class even in a not so nice out fit

  8. I agree that she’s criticized too harshly probably because she’s not a stick insect. She’s probably way thinner than most of us anyway. I think she looks pretty here – love the braid, earrings, and summery yellow hue. It doesn’t look overwhelming to me. I just dislike it when she wears huge ugly necklaces with her saris.


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