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The anarkali may have gone shorter but that’s about it. (Okay so it’s an angrakha of sorts but it’s such a throwback to the anarkali!) Vidya is sticking to her comfort zone and there’s no two ways about it. Which really isn’t such a bad thing except this particular outfit does her no favors.

And what’s with the strange pattern mish-mash on the kurta. There’s patchwork that’s integral to the design and then there is let’s-sow-some-pieces/patterns-on-as-an-afterthought.

P.S: The Marie Claire shoot with Vidya has been styled by Sabyasachi.

P.P.S: How lovely does Ms. Balan look in her close-ups?!! Now if only her clothes could catch up. :P



Vidya Balan At Marie Claire’s Latest Issue’s Unveiling

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The saree she’s wearing on the cover of Marie Claire reminds me of the one Aishwarya wore on her recent Oprah interview. Her ensemble especially the blouse was simply exquisite. The shot of her back showed the design of the blouse and I was just blown away. P&P, can you please tell me where I can purchase that particular saree and blouse? I have visited Sabyasachi’s website but to navigate the site is quite tough and i don’t think it’s available there. please help!

    thank you.

  2. atleast from wat we see… the cover doesnt seem to be photoshopped much !
    n she looks good at the event !!
    she shud change it up n wear a nice sabyasachi saree one of these days ! :)

  3. Her face looks gr8 and yes, the dress SUCKS.
    Just wondering why do SO many Bollywood actresses wear colored contact lenses. Nothing wrong with them but just wondering why they do it all the time – Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra, Malaika Arora, Diya Mirza, Bipasha Basu, Amrita rao…list is endless. Nothing wrong with black/ brown y’all !
    I do see it as makeup – wear it – remove it but doing it always seems like a lot. Also, hasn’t it always been always been big brown eyes . Big gray eyes just doesn’t have the same ring to it ;)

    • I wish they would stop wearing the contacts altogether… black/brown/green/blue/hazel they’re all beautiful when they’re natural, not so beautiful when fake. Natural eye color shows the life in your eyes.

      • it’s commonly known that black eyes don’t photograph as well as do lighter eye colours. bipasha, for instance, has really black eyes — they become opaque in shots, ergo the lighter lenses.

        • @hi. I agree natural is always best. But is vidya wearing contacts here?? Btw you forgot Celina ..I think those contacts are stuck to her eyes .

          • Oh yea Celina ! How did I forget !
            Also I had no clue about balck eyes not photographing well.Good to know therez a valid reason !
            I have medium brown ones and these peepers – I love :p

  4. Don’t like as usual. Most boring Bollywood dresser next to Priyanka. One usually has far too much clothing on and one hardly ever wears enough. No balance for either. Something about Vidya’s nostrils always bothers me. I can’t pick point it but something.

    • @Sej: your nostril comment really bothered me!
      What do you suggest..a nose job! Why look for perfect features in actress? Promote such mindset and see where it ends up…

      • I don’t suggest anything. I simply said it bothers me. Like some people can’t stand SRK’s annoying laugh on screen or some can’t stand Priyanka’s hair extensions this bothers me. No star is perfect obviously and have their flaws. This is one flaw in Vidya that bothers me.

  5. Now that cover is doing classy ethnic and looking sexy at the same time. More importantly being confident and happy about it. Learn something Rani.

  6. Horrible outfit-folks lets face it, she looks best in Indian clothes… methinks she should change it up with sarees at times, but she just cannot carry off dresses and jeans. Why experiment when u know u will not look nice. She looked lovely in the Marie Claire shoot. Rgdsi

  7. She doesn’t mix it up – but then I have rarely if ever seen her carry off western looks – even a simple jeans and shirt combo – she just looks v. auntie-ish when she tries….makeup looks ashy/grey in the closeup shots.

    Fugly feet, sorry if your gonna wear thong sandals or show off a lot of foot then please make sure that your tootsies are looking their best –

    • You just read my mind there. She wears those thong sandals all the time & it never suits her type of feet. Earlier the toes used to pop out. Least they are in place in this one.some consolation. lol.

  8. Just yesterday I was watching Zoom tv and they were trying to point out stuff you would instantly associate with a person, like Emraan Hashmi and his smooches, and Shilpa Shetty with her hot bod, and now rich boyf Raj, etc etc … and guess what they said you would instantly associate Vidya with? and I quote ” her angrakhas and anarkalis” .. so true isnt it?

  9. a gud example of bad anarkali .. i dont like this at all , actually we are tired of seeing Vidya in anarkalis and suits , so she attracts no attention in these anymore…


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