Vidya Balan For Ritu Beri

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Another fashion showing and of course, what would it be without a celebrity showstopper!

Ritu Beri chose Vidya Balan to walk down the runway in a black voluminous gown. Except, Vidya drowned in the gown!



Ritu Beri With Vidya Balan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I seriously giggled like a little school girl when I saw this, and read that a fashion designer chose Ms Balan to be the show stopper. Dont’ get me wrong, I like Vidya and am a fan, but a show-stopper she ain’t!

  2. Ewww.. the dress and hair! I’m sure it would have looked far better on a taller person like Deepika or Mugdha with toned down hair and jewellery!

  3. OMG, why would anyone choose to put Vidya on the runway?

    The dress is horrible as it is but the idea of having Vidya demonstrate it is ludicrous.

  4. How can and why does she always gets it wrong ???? … she has to dress well too along with good acting .. damn she should rather not come out of her house, if she thinks she will be dressing like this all her life

  5. Gypsy….whats with outtinig Vidya Balan, Sonali on the runway ?? I am sorry but they are not “runway” kinda people….And even if they are I’d like them in something that suits them

  6. Neck up, she looks sweet and pretty. The gown though is rather badly put together. And it probably would have worked a little better on a taller woman. But the dress is not Vidya’s fault, so attributing it to her fashion sense is not done.

  7. The hairstyle is reminiscent of Basanti from Sholay! Basanti had a better fashion sense though…
    Ritu Beri is so well dressed herself and the clothes she designs are just the opposite…utter trash…dunno why she’s so famous?

  8. WTHEYYYYYYY ….. Is Beri a balan fan …
    why someone wud like to have Ms balan as a show stopper …unless ofcorse its a retro traditional ( read parinita style ) collection …

  9. the sheer bodice and sleeves, and the ruching!!! uggggg. the rest of the collection was so nice, why’d the showstopper have to be so…..NOT.

  10. @ Enne – lol, yes it does!

    It’s a flamenco look, but unfortunately the dress does not look good on Vidya. She does look good from the neck up though.

  11. HK,
    They mostly are the last ones to walk the ramp and then come back again with the designer. And, wear the best outfit of the lot! ;)

  12. horrible dress and looks even more horrible on vidya..why did ritu beri want her to be show stopper…??? i think jesse randhawa or neha dhupia would have carried the dress well..


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