A New Love Affair.

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First it was with the color black, now, it seems Vidya has started a love affair with long black shirts!

This chica needs some serious fashion intervention! It ain’t that hard to look good even if you are not stick thin! A simple kurti with denims would have been far better on her than this concoction! (That gold chain!!!)

“Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na” Premiere
Times Of India Photoshoot
Filmfare July Edition Launch


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  1. Dark blue jeans and black shirt…nah…she should have gone with a lighter tone of jeans…and also, why are the toes always spilling out of her footwear? She should stick to closed shoes..or more narrow peep-toe styles…ugly..

  2. and she seems to love those slip-ons that look a size too small for her. Hate the way her toes are spilling out.

    And isn’t it looking like she’s getting fatter by the day? What is the matter with her? Can’t she gym?

  3. she needs to lose the ‘put on the spot’ attitude, the hairstyling, maybe get a french manicure, a flattering sleeve length, good posture…man! i cud go on and on….

  4. To say she needs to sit at home is unkind, but yes, she desperately needs a stylist. If you ARE in the public eye, might as well make the most of it. And she has so much going for her: beautiful face, youth, money and a decent-enough bod if only she’d work at toning it

  5. She should be banished onto another planet.She has become a vampire magnet,probably she is a masochist who enjoys bas press..

  6. tacky nail paint
    shapeless unflattering clothes
    hair all over the place
    a mountain of adipose..
    We have ourselves an Exhibit A for a Fashion Disaster..
    Someone please slap her with a fashion stick..She’s going to ruin her career with such continous faux passes

  7. With the red nail paint, I am sure subconsciously she’s trying to emulate Kareena Kapoor hoping that maybe then Shahid will ask her out….I feel horrible being so mean…but Vidya is making me want to pull my hair out. I used to like her demure avatar much better.

  8. I am sorry for my third comment but I just noticed the Time Of India Photoshoot pic…oh man, thunder thighs ….no no no can’t wear minis, there are so many appropriate clothes available. Please check your body type first…..too frustrating!!

  9. Its not that she doesn’t care about dressing up – that would be pardonable.. Its that she appears to carefully put together these outfits and thinks they are great.. that’s scary!!!!!!!!!! She reminds me of Halloween all year long..

  10. the gal has a pretty face…the really pretty face without the makeup-induced-illusions-of-prettiness kind…BUT seriously lacks fashion sense. And honeslty she should hit the gym more often if she isnt already doing so. Its just that bollywood is soooo competetive with all these stick thin actresses, that one needs to work twice as hard just to stay afloat in an industry where image is everything. Look at an actress like Katrina kaif…she is also the kind with the really pretty face (even without makeup I think), but without any major acting skills. She just dresses better and seems to make all the right moves –like a really hot photoshoot, appearing uber-glamorous etc. Vidya has the acting skills I believe. She just needs to up her game BIG time!!

  11. I think Vidya is putting efforts to dress up, however it feels as though she’s not confident in western outfits hence all the black. Maybe she is getting helps from her friends or someone who she feels know how to style when in fact that person lacks the taste we expect, therefore the disappointments.
    I want to laugh at Neha’s comment and some others; it’s rude and at the same time funny. Well, if she gets to read these then she would obviously get hurt and feel depressed; lets hope she would prove us all wrong next time or show improvements.

  12. Not one consoling factor—clothes, shoes, hairdo acces, nail paint…why can’t she check the mirror before stepipng out?

    rofl@ Jane’s and Anita’s take!

    @Flower Power: Didya say YOUTH? ahahaha, that’s a classic!

  13. Saya: She’s obviously not 18 but I’m not really concerned whether she’s 25 or 30. At least she isn’t dressing like a tween, but she isn’t making the most of what she has either. I do think some of the comments on Vidya here are in bad taste.

  14. Man, now I just feel bad for her. There is no excuse for this. Did she get a 3 for 2 deal???
    I second Anita’s view – it’s not that she is not trying. If that was the case, she would have dressed in a carefree way. This is her trying to look young. Even if she wanted to wear black (to look slim), she should have worn a black salwar kameez. The shirt pocket is almost up at her shoulder, come on!!!

  15. @Flower Power: oh of course but Youth usually defines somebody from teens to maybe late 20’s. VB is in her 30’s, looks her age but she seems to be in denial of facts.lol. and i was just commenting with the flow and a good laugh, no offence meant…to your view! :)

  16. Can someone introduce her to french manicure. red paint and black shirt/ kurti? what was she thinking? agreed she wants to wear western but gotta know how to put things together…she disappoints me..BIG TIME

  17. i really feel bad for her now.. she has succumbed to the pressure of ppl calling her phat and what not.. so the poor girl is now trying to cover up and look slim.. God!! poor poor Vidya


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