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A dressed down Vidya was spotted at Mumbai airport (on her way back from Cannes). Now, we wouldn’t have posted this if we hadn’t spotted the Péro printed dress that she had on under the black shirt.

If we spot something, you can be guaranteed that we’ll post it. :P

Dowdy as her outfit maybe, we don’t quite have an issue with it. Dressing up, can be quite exhausting, let alone for two weeks straight.


Vidya Balan at Mumbai Airport

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. An ugly and boring dress is ugly and boring even with a brand name attached to it .
    And then it has the misfortune to be worn by vidya balan . This is a horrid look even by her standards . All stars make long flights and u have a section called airport sightings / fashion . When other celebs are criticised for bad choices , why not her ? Coz we expect her to look this way.
    The last good sighting was her red lengha at Cannes . Her first day saree was ok : it’s all been downhill after that and this is the crash landing . Terrible


    • ^^ tHIS^^
      I am afraid that Ms. Balan is lazy. Talent is not an excuse to look frumpy, especially when you know how much attention you are going to get comimg home. Others get heavily critisize for their airport looks, i don´see why she should be exempted.


  2. P&P, why such bias, when this whole blog is about fashion from red carpet to airport sighting? All the other celebs get the brickbats. I can imagine what kind of derogatory comments would come through if it was Aish or PC looking like THIS! Hah!




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