In Not So Serious By Pallavi Mohan


Wearing a Not So Serious By Pallavi Mohan sari with earrings from Shivan and Narresh for Swarovski and Swarovski rings, Vidya attended the Vogue Beauty Awards on Tuesday evening.

Me, I wasn’t a big fan of the earrings, especially the dangly part. I imagine the earrings without it and love the look so much better.

Now, let’s come to the pose. If you’re going to put your one arm in a fixed position, perhaps not a good idea to do the hand on hip, yes? Am I the only one who thought it looked awkward.

Those two minor (major to some) gripes aside, she did look nice.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. “Now, let’s come to the pose. If you’re going to put your one arm in a fixed position, perhaps not a good idea to do the hand on hip, yes?” – This has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read?! What do you mean by this – you can’t have one arm in a fixed position and put the other on hip? Or did you want to criticize just for the sake of it, which is fine as long as you admit it.

      • Payal you are quite nasty with your comments sometimes.And then you complain why these actors need stylists and have no sense of personal style, everything is over styled etc.As if comments on Vidya’s dressing was not enough,now you even criticize her pose ? Is she a model to know how to pose ?

        • oh wow. maybe i have a different understanding of what is considered nasty. Not so sure about Payal’s comment, but yours, certainly. The pose does look awkward to me and I am not a fan of those earrings either. It’s a fashion blog, we comment on celebrity styles. Our comments, even Payal’s is all personal opinions. not liking their dress or pose is not a personal attack. Chill my friend!

          • It’s okay to criticize, how you criticize and articulate your thoughts matter. I’m not calling Payal nasty – I’m calling her comment ridiculous. Insofar as she has the right to criticize, then I have a right to call her out on criticism that seems nonsensical :)

            • Exactly.I think somehow social media has made us forget that people have feelings,even celebs.Things we might never say to someone in person,we think it’s ok to say on the internet. I would be really pissed if someone commented on how I look,my expressions,my pose etc,in real life. These guys are actors and their acting is what they should be judged for.On these pages I see lot of reverence for someone
              like Sonam ,but only criticism for vidya.Its ridiculous the way people talk about her as if it’s a crime to look or stand like her

              • Agree 100 %!!!

                Thanks to social media and the anonymity it gives we think we can be the mean and have the right to say whatever we want.We have all forgotten what being nice and polite means.

                Fashion blogs can share opinions and give constructive criticism and what could have been done differently but to just criticize and be mean is wrong. Not just the bloggers but even the people who post nasty and hateful comments should learn a thing or two about being a sensitive human being.

                Not just Vidya Balan who is 39 even janhvi Kapoor who is 21 is not spared.She is 21 who has just lost her mother and is doing something much more than us sitting on our couches and writing mean stuff! Have some heart and conscience!!

                What were you guys when you were 21?

                We can appreciate ,provide feedback but let us not be nasty hateful and pull down these people even if they are public figures!
                I started reading HHC (loved how it was positive then) many years back but had stopped reading in between. I had always appreciated how comments were moderated but now I see very mean comments also being passed. That shows how much we have evolved or have reduced to being like everyone else on social is important to not just follow everyone and stand out

                Peace and Love !

  2. It’s unfair to judge a look by the pose, which she may have struck for brief few seconds for some pictures. You don’t actually believe she stood/walked around like that all evening.
    Agree on the earrings, but she looked lovely otherwise.

  3. Good things first. Her makeup is spot on. Loving the jewelry and saree here. She looks quite lovely here.
    What I hate are the length of the sleeves and the teacup pose. Otherwise, she looks like a breath of fresh air!

  4. It has been almost 7 years since Dirty Picture’s release, I guess. Time to get over that time and age of sartorial styling! I am all about celebrating curves and wearing what you are comfortable. She can do so much more with sarees. And, we get this!!However, kudos to her for not going the evening gown route, just for the sake of it!

  5. she is wearing a sari ( not just cause she loves wearing it /looks good) but also cause it obfuscates the curves. So its a necessity + her proclivity towards it .And kudos to her for not killing herself to loose weight – all the actresses talk about body shaming and how they should flaunt whatever body type they have & yet they ALL ( by any means) try to squeeze in the size 0 mold ( under the garb of trying to be “fit”) ! If you are loving your body & embracing your curves- why the desperation to loose weight

    • Many do jutting the leg out pose, and she does this pose… atleast she is not throwing a leg in our face. Where is the tight bursting blouse? She seems comfortable with the blouse. And the accessories, she is not wearing weird stuff in the name of fashionista and such. Let’s be fair with our criticism. PS- am neither a fan nor her PR. Just an observer.

      • Please go through every Vidya Balan post that Avani has commented on. This is exactly how she/he comments. Don’t work yourself up though, she won’t change or become nicer or more dignified in the way she criticizes. I think she actively wants to be seen as the “mean girl” on these forums :/

  6. The blouse neckline makes her look as if she is wearing am ill fitiiing blouse … and wish she would do sari in some color instead of black…



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