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Vidya attended a speaking event at a local Mumbai college on Wednesday wearing a block print sari by Chhapa with silver jewellery. The fish-print sari and blouse sure was cute that am ignoring the fit issues with the blouse. Also wish, the necklace sat on the blouse neckline.

Vidya Balan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks lovely.
    On another note, really sad to hear of Wendell Rodrick’s sudden passing, that too without seeing the opening of his dream, the Moda Goa museum. Goenkars have lost a true champion.

  2. Agree about the fit of the blouse but it’s seriously nitpicky of you to expect the necklace to not get displaced…she is not a statue! Can we get a hell yes as to how well put together she looks OVERALL? As irritating as it seems for chapati hair (flat middle parted bun) to be seen on Deepika, it adds to her look…not sure why…and the color palette is striking…and flows going muted to bright top to bottom…so nicely thought out… also, how cute are those tassels?!

    I wish your comments on people’s attire could encapsulate the whole ‘look’ first…it would really help with perspective…
    To me, she is an attendee as a speaker at an Indian college wearing Indian wear looking striking, event appropriate, graceful…wish the blouse fit better and the necklace sat higher up or something…

  3. Now the stylists need to match the circumference of the neckline to the necklace. Wah wah! Sometimes these bloggers are too vanilla and sometimes too karela. Necklace is the least of the worries here. Lost focus here HHC!!

  4. She looks so cheerful and event/season/weather appropriate. That’s such a cute, playful ring! The saree colours are beautiful, but it could’ve benefited from being starched and steam pressed. Great to see Vidya looking so happy and comfortable. Would be nice to see her try a ponytail.

  5. Thought experiment. I personally don’t like sarees so carefully worn. Its beauty is in its movement with the body, its fluidity. While I don’t generally mind a deliberate drape that lets the yellow border show at the waist, doesn’t it make a person look shorter and throw proportions off in some cases, like this one?

  6. Not her fan but Vidya does look really nice her. People(readers) on HHC can be Wish they were even half the critical(read honest) towards all stupid/comical saree experiments on Insta. Everything is stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, fabulous over there…lol


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