1. I’m sorry, but her stylists do her a great injustice. Instead of highlighting and accentuating her curves, all they seem to do is cover her up, smother her with fabric, add inches to her frame. This outfit is the last thing she should be wearing. She needs artful, close-cut silhouettes, scooped necklines, shorter sleeves, a hint of the waistline. Not this monstrosity.

    • Not just her stylists, all stylists’ work looks monotonous and lacks creativity. Only celebs who have good taste and sense shine out even with the help of stylists. This outfit doesn’t look good even on a model frame, why did her stylists put it on her?

    • Agree that you have to keep the silhouette much simpler and have cleaner lines. The frilled top with a full skirt is a no no. Though I wont blame her stylist, Vidya herself seems to have a fussy style

      Not to be parochial but these styles have evolved in the North. Given their all India appeal they need to be designed keeping in mind the differing figures and aesthetics of Indian women instead of making everyone wear the same silhouette.

  2. Most of her outfits/looks snuff out her personality. She usually appears to be dressed as someone else’s perception of her, not who she really is.

    • You know the irony, she might be a size 8 or max 10 on a shorter frame with a shorter (proportionate) neck. Nowhere close to a plus-size at all. We are just so used to seeing stick-thin people…all the big stars, DP, Sonam, Anushka, Kangana are solid size 0’s (with effort or otherwise). This is how commoners would look without the tailored-meals and top notch trainers. Shorter folks have a hard time dressing and kudos to her stylist for trying something new. Can a slightly fuller and short woman not wear skirts and tops?
      Agreed the pairing of a flared top and skirt might be a fashion faux-pas, but I think our dislike of her fashion tastes primarily come from the fact she is not built like everyone else in the film industry. You know, the camera does add 10 lbs..

      • While I agree that our views are distorted by an endless stream of leggy models I think Vidya is not able to pull a look together. Any number of Indian women have the same figure and manage to dress fine. She always seems to be trying to be too saj dhaj ke Bollywood while she should aim for the simplicity and Indian look of young Jaya Bhaduri, Nandita Das or even Kangana in recent appearances. And if she likes saj dhaj look at South heroines of now and yore. Or Bengal which is why Parineeta worked. Lot of options but as I said trapped in size 0 AJSK, MM type Bollywood.

        • Yeah. In South yesteryear heroines Radhika ji and Khusboo ji look awesome and exquisite in their silk saris, traditional saris, modern saris and salwar suits. Back then they were slim but now they gained weight, but they look so confident and elegant. If you have good taste, the age and size doesn’t matter. You can dress well at any age. Even in NTR biopic which is Vidya’s first Telugu movie, they showed her so beautifully in antique slik saris and subtle makeup. Which normally I don’t see her like that in Bollywood and outside.


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