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At the Ambani-Piramal wedding, Vidya opted for an Anju Modi anarkali, one that she wore with a sleek middle-parted hairdo. I would’ve preferred a non-sleek do.

She also attended the pre-wedding festivities in Udaipur over the weekend sporting more desi looks and of the three, the Tarun Tahiliani sari was a favorite.

Did you have one?

Vidya Balan In Anju Modi

In Tarun Tahiliani, Priyanka Singh and Mint Blush

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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      • No, its not a comment on her body type. its aver honest assessment of her overall persona. Yes, she isnt a size zero. Despite all her talk of “loving her body the way she is”, EVERY public appearance shows her sucking in her breath, placing her arm in an awkward way to look “streamlined” and looking like a deer caught in the headlights. She NEVER exudes confidence of ease.
        Im beginning to realise, hardly a day goes by when someone on HHC doesnt feel a comment is body shaming, racist, elitist and god knows what else. SJW overdose!!! #Rantover

      • Commenting on someone’s Body type? I’m sorry, you are ready in between the lines! You are probably reading a different blog at this rate. This is a fashion blog, not some diet and size zero blog. Beauty is ethereal and lies in the eyes of the beholder. I guess comments are also the same, each of us have a different interpretation of a comment. All I had to say is a simple fact, wear what you are comfortable and not be suffocated and uncomfortable. She is a beautiful woman wearing comfortable clothes. She has every right to be confident and comfortable. Those clothes are good and Ms. Balan has the best features to work it, then why not rock it!

        • Yes. It’s a fashion blog. But the biggest essence of fashion in any era, is confidence. Which sadly, this lady doesn’t have.

  1. She looks great in the pre-wedding looks. Especially the green lehenga and the saree looks are beautiful. Not a fan of the anarkali she is sporting at the wedding.

  2. I really liked her in the green Mint blush lehenga. It’s a very clean look and suits her.
    I don’t think she is uncomfortable. Her posture while getting clicked is such that she appears to look uncomfortable but really isn’t.

  3. She looks very uncomfortable in lehenga, as if holding her breath. Floor length anarkali is not her thing. She is drowning in it. Had the length of the anarkali been till her mid calf, it would have looked good.


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