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Wearing Manish Malhotra’s signature embellished saris in different shades of blue, these lovely ladies attended the designer’s show for Mijwan.

Though both Vidya and Gauri wore their saris well, Vidya definitely had the winning look of this match up. The sleek hair and strong red lip complemented the iridescent black-navy sari well.

While Genelia picked an interesting color sari, the styling (and what photographed like heavy-handed make-up) let her down. I am not a fan of that Victorian-collar inspired blouse but if that was the look she had to go with, why not opt for much softer make-up (think kitten eye, flushed cheeks and a nearly nude pink-toned lip)? By wearing her hair down fully or in a wispy low knot, and switching to more understated jewelry, Genelia would’ve made the whole look lot more current. A missed opportunity this!

L To R: Vidya Balan, Gauri Khan And Genelia Deshmukh At Mijwan Couture Show

L To R: Vidya Balan, Gauri Khan And Genelia Deshmukh At Mijwan Couture Show

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I give this round to Genelia. It is an interesting look with a different color that is typically seen in modern sarees. Tired of the same old sequins

  2. Love Vidya here. She has gotten out of her comfort zone and has been slaying her looks the past couple of years. No different here. Love. The colour of the saree helped too.

    Liked how Gauri draped her saree but the blouse and matching hair brings down the look several notches.

    Genelia’s look is tacky territory. She looks like she came out of a period movie set.

  3. love the critique on Genelia.
    Vidya is same ol, same old — how many versions of this saree is out there, I wonder.
    I actually like Gauri best of the three. it’s such a different look for her and the blue and gold is great on her.

  4. In these pictures I can see what Priyanka means about Genelia, but saw an instagram reel and she looked radiant.

    I like all 3. Gauri looks like she hasn’t aged a day, and is looking better and better.

  5. 1st vidya añd 2nd is genelia. Vidya is perfect and Gen’s Pictures are not in genelia’s favor but she was looking good in pap videos love the color, can ignòre the còllar. Gauri is looking better then her previous styling.

  6. Love the way the saree flows on Genelia… To me she looks the most interesting. Vidya’s blouse to me looks too plain, that saree needed some drama with the blouse. Gauri looks good too

  7. Uhhhh I’m so over these blingy sarees . But of the three vidya stands out because she’s kept it simple .
    Manish malhotra really needs to reinvent himself .


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