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Perhaps to wipe from everyone’s mind, this orange look, Ms. Balan chose to don another orange one and can’t say we have too many complains. Love the no-bling/just-rudraksha beads look. And while we heart the sari, do think Ms. Balan would have been perfect if she had worn the sari just one inch higher.

Overall, we still love it!

Update: Just as we were going oooh about the look, we got this full-length and it makes us go aaargh! Vidya kills us with that pallu fold! It reveals the sari folds too much.


Vidya Balan at 55th Idea Filmfare Awards 2010


Vidya Balan at 55th Idea Filmfare Awards 2010

Photo Credit: Indiatimes, Viral Bhayani

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  1. I just saw a few pics of this event. The turnout was sad! No Ash, No Kareena, No Priyanka, No Twinkle, Not even a Sonam.
    And the clothes were such a disaappointment!

    Vidya Balan, However did stand out in her sari, its pretty, I jus wish she was a lil toned. πŸ™

  2. Definately should have worn the sari higher up! Only Shilpa can go low with her saris and look amazing .. but obviously have you seen that womans body!?

  3. Boy, yes, one inch higher would have been great. And while at it, layering the pallu too. Below the navel, sheer fabric, too much midriff exposure…my eyes are going buggy.

    • Surily Welcome to real world.This is real Indian women look.She looks natural and sexy without showing a bit of skin unlike those size zero western label obscessed starved ladies
      Vidya looks ravishing in SRK’s words

  4. I would have liked if blouse was plain black or red brassirie thing…Hate the ugly flowery sleeves.May be she is carrying ‘Ishiqiya’ look .
    She is looknig good in front -full pose though.

  5. OMG how lovely does she look with pulled back hair? Breathtaking. This really accentuates her striking features. Also, yes, she’s messed up the drape of the sari (surprise, surprise), but the colors are simply gorgeous on her skin tone. She looks young, fresh, vibrant and happy. All in all, the best Vidya has looked in a while now.
    Again, cheers for not wearing Rekha hair! (although, why she felt the need for extensions we’ll never know.)

  6. Love the look. The rudraksh rocks. My two gripes are lack of bindi, which normally suits her so well, and also the transparency of the upper part, maybe she has folded the pallu up to cover her tummy. Better pleats than tummy, I would say.

    Loved her performance and sarees in Paa. Actually the sarees were taken to a new level by the beautiful kalamkari blouses. She looked ethereal in the film.

  7. Geez. Aunty always makes a Sabya creation look bad! She really needs to work out if she wants to carry this sheer look. The 2nd&3rd pics makes me wanna gag. Eww.

  8. I don’t see anything to “ooh ahhh” about this look…..she looks like a scary sanyasi….partcularly with that expression in the last picture…..the statue looks so out of place…..

    Congrats to her though…she sure is talented in the acting department….

  9. I can’t say I’m crazy about this particular colour combo (especially the turmeric yellow) but wow, what a gorgeous, fun sari and blouse. The beads look a bit weird to me, but I like that she ditched the bling. Vidya looks so confident and happy.

  10. How could anyone like this saree look, it is too transparent for a flabby stomach. The blouse looks like a kamwali bai’s blouse, The saree has too many color scheme’s and then what is that at the end of her “choti”!! Vidya seriously needs a stylist who can dress for today and give her the looks from the 1970s

  11. This look makes you realize two things:

    1) Net sarees are not for everyone….especially, if the tummy is not in top shape, the saree should be worn higher. ;-P

    2) It is always worth spending a bit more time getting the ‘folds’ (which are technically called ‘pleats’) right. Can kill the whole look otherwise.

  12. She looks nice but I dont like the net pallu!!
    Guys am getting engaged soon and want to dress up in something like Sabya or close to it.. (budget constraints)… so pls suggest some stores or designers in Mumbai. And its a day function…

  13. She looks gorgeous. You seem a little biased about Vidya. I don’t think she arrived at the red carpet or on the stage with her pallu like that (from the photos posted here), that just seems to be one of those shots when she adjusted her pallu during photocall after receiving the awards (where there would have been no mirrors).
    Why should you analyse her psychology as to why she may have chosen to wear Orange? and connecting that to her really bad appearance close to 2 yrs ago!
    She is one of the natural beauties around and quite Indian abt her couture and not going gagas over international designers.
    She carries herself well most times…

  14. I am officially tired of repeating every this one complaint every time. Please you guys, do not comment on her body! Why is it so difficult to accept a woman who knows she isn’t a Size 000 and is still willing to wear a saree that is not completely opaque? “She has a big tummy/her paunch shows”, statements like these are reasons why people do get stuck in a rut. Okay, an anarkali hides that tummy, so boom, I will bear that anarkali.
    However, that point seems trivial! Why should any woman(celebrity or otherwise) be subjected to judgement based simply on her body? I know I am going to be blasted for this. But then again, it is humiliating to see how many, many, many people comment about weight, and size, and “the shape of the body” whenever someone who is not stick thin walks out of her home. Even Kareena Kapoor has been targeted for “gaining weight”.
    The camera adds weight, you guys! Sometimes, the angles are bad. And sometimes, albeit rarely, the woman wants to look like that! Do we really want to be Body Nazis here?

    I am sorry for the rant. I love the blouse, the hair and the sari! Vidya looks amazing in it. πŸ™‚

    • I agree completely. I don’t know why you have to have a certain body to wear certain things.

      Importantly, Vidya seems to be at a healthy weight, and it’s good to see celebrities of different shapes and body-types.

      I don’t know if any other readers here have seen the new “fatshion” blogs and the big boom in larger models being included on runways (and not just for plus-size clothings themselves). I don’t know if I’m allowed to post links here, but I really love “Musings of a Fatshionista” and “Fatshionable” (google them)

    • Hey its people’s opinion. Why dont u let them say it??? If someone likes a toned body and thinks its best for a woman to have that, let them say it.

    • so glad u came out and said it

      while i don’t like the sari – and in general don’t like net saris – even on a flat stomach, i think it’s a little sad to point out a little bit of a tummy that vidya might have
      isn’t this how most women look – how many really look like shilpa shetty
      and if a sheer sari is not made for someone like vidya balan and only someone like shilpa shetty, then doest that mean the design is for less than 2% of the population? how incredibly sad for the rest of us

      • the even more strange thing i find is – vidya’s stomach is getting pointed out
        and i’ve also seen plenty of posts calling bipasha ‘manly’ for working out and having a bit of muscle on her
        so if you don’t work out like crazy, you cant wear certain clothes, if you really love to work out (and by work out i mean not just run 20 miles a day but actually do weights too), you can’t wear certain clothes
        thus, the bracket of what defines a great body becomes so narrow

        • @Such: There was an editorial too, right? The same clothes on different sized women? And that beautiful picture with all those women who were not more than a size 6-8 but still more than a size 4! Thanks for the sites. πŸ™‚
          Am totally googling them.

          @Jay: I guess my point didn’t translate on you. Fine, there are some people who like toned bodies best. But that doesn’t mean everyone should be exactly like that. That also doesn’t mean that people should start demeaning other people with weird euphemisms, only because they are comfortable with their bodies.

          @Megha: Oh my god, exactly! I was just going to post on that picture of Bipasha’s, but stopped myself, lest I rant too much. And oh yeah, I personally hate net sarees, too 80’s Hindi flims for me, but if someone wants to wear it, she shouldn’t have to “work out” for 2 months before she actually does. That was all that is my point.
          Every post of Aishwarya Rai’s, and you see at least 50 comments saying, “has she gained weight?”, or “her arms are flabby”! She is a real person, not an object. Criticise the object, the clothes and the shoes, but the person?
          I guess the body debate is so “controversial”, there is effectively no clear logics.

          • Sorry but i totally disagree. Fitness is an important and integral part of everyones life, more so for celebrities who are “paid” to look good and who mostly project an image that several people, sometimes very young women emulate. Looking good is the main reason they are in the entertainment business. Sorry but this is the harsh reality. Hence projecting both ends of the spectrum are wrong, If you think flaunting a size zero is unacceptable, how is it okay if a woman shows excessive weight/flab as both are equally unhealthy? I dont think its an issue of being big or small, its fitness. and Vidya clearly does NOT look fit!

          • @ Stuti: “”but if someone wants to wear it, she shouldn’t have to β€œwork out” for 2 months before she actually does””

            Dont you think one should workout throughout the year and for as long as it is physically possible, irrespective of whether one wants to wear a sari/bikini/shorts or not? I dont know why the importance of fitness is so low in India?

        • @Hira: Oh my god, that is SO not what I meant! I myself work out, and I am a size 10, but not with the intention of losing weight, or toning up. Just because I like walking/running. My point was only that certain women dont lose weight easily, they shouldn’t have to work out more “intensely” JUST so that they can get into a saree!
          And when did I ever say anything about “fitness”?! You do know that being fit doesn’t imply being rake thin, either?
          Also, I am not saying that only plus sized people are “ostracized” against. We are judgemental about size in general. Even someone who is thin is asked to eat, only so she gains weight. I know so many, many, people who are a Size 2 and never gain weight! And yet those are the people who have to hear comments about weight. Why is it so hard to accept this sort of individuality without being so worked up about it? I am NOT targeting this at you, just so we are clear. πŸ™‚

    • I don’t think any Indian celebrity is stick thin. Wearing clothes which suits ones body type( western or Indian) is also a fashion/style quoitent. this IS a fashion blog. And we do have all good reasons to discuss about it. Thank you!

    • THANK GOD FOR PPL LIKE STUTI! really that is the one thing i hate about india.
      how they degrade people about their body, weight and more importantly COMPLEXION!
      who the hell invented fair n lovely?! dark people arent pretty or what?!?! look at nandita das, bipasha, mughda, etc! they are no less than aishwarya rai to me.
      makes me sick to my stomach that there are products/ commercials like this and CELEBS endorse them!

  15. She’s ruined the saree by tying it so badly.

    STUTI- I know this is a controversial one..but I would rather see a fit Elizabeth Hurley in a peek a boo outfit rtaher than someone baring their heavy tums/hips in a seethrough net drape.. it looks even more silly/vulgar-look at the 1st 3 shots

    • Kiwi – It is not controversial, just your point of view. I don’t think there is any decree ruling against that. πŸ™‚
      But my point is really simple. Why are we so afraid of women who are not Sample Size (read size 00)? There are so many debates/discussions about how plus sized women (like Christina Hendricks) are “taking over”. Seriously? Christina Hendricks is a perfectly normal sized woman with big breasts.
      I guess I am the only one. Maybe it is sour grapes.

      • stuti u r absolutely right…cummon ppl v indians r fuller bodies…v can luk at ourselves n if v r kinda exceptions then there r ladies back at home including our mums…i find it very very disrespecting 2 our community (as a whole) when ppl call a healthy body ‘a flabby tummy’..i wud rather prefer a fuller attractive body than a match-stick fragile ET ‘2 fit 2 b true’ starving woman

      • Why is Size zero such a debate when no bolly celeb has ever been a size zero? Even Kareena, at her thinnest was not less than a Size 4! You should google to see what Size 0 or 00 or 000 really looks like

  16. i love vidya’s earthyness. the sari is lovely and a refreshing change. her smile and eyes look radiant in the pics. only thing i don’t like is the choti. ya, she has a slightly untoned tummy but that shouldn’t stop her from wearing what she wants. it’s not a good idea to encourage people to hide away at home just because they aren’t in perfect shape. they still should go out and live their lives.

  17. @Stuti: yh..deres nthin bad or nobodys critiiczin her…it just luks pure odd..i mean i think ane one wd have been uneasy ….u urself wont do dat…wd u?

    • Tahiti : Well, to be honest, I do wear anything I like! Irrespective of how fat I look in it. I guess that says something about my “bad”, “crude” aesthetics, but I cannot let someone else put me down that way. πŸ™‚

  18. im loving the sari and her luk, minus the rudraksh jwellery!!!..
    though now that she got her luk right, she needs to move out of sari into some good westerns!!!

  19. Ladies

    I usually let the comments take their own path but this one time had to step in to say a quick word. Or two.

    First, it is rather unfortunate that the comments that a post gets, sets the tone for the blog or even for Payal and I by reflection (if that makes sense). This blog is read by many people across the place and so the opinions are just as varied. As expected. However, we are always guarded in how we make a line or two of our own comments/commentary that accompany a post which sometimes seem to get lost in the overwhelming number of comments a post may garner. Unfortunate, but it happens.

    Getting past that, as a woman of ample girth (I wear size 10 denims… GASP), it frustrates me to no end too when sweeping judgements are passed on ideal body weights, flabby arms, beauty standards and norms of what is acceptable. I’d be the last to be a “Body Nazi”, trust me. To me, style trumps fashion and true style can only come from innate comfort with one’s self.

    Having said that, I personally dress in clothes that have me feeling comfortable. For instance, i wouldn’t wear a mini… not because it’s sacrilege for someone of my hips to wear one but only because if i did, I’d be way too self-conscious in them… and it’d show. More power to those could. Or do. It’s less about the body-type and more about “you”… if the clothes you wear make you happy, you look it.

    But to me, this is where the lines blur with this strange dichotomy. Should then one completely disregard their body-type and wear only what “suits” them? Or should they just say, “screw it” and wear what takes their fancy? I can’t speak for scores of women out there but for me, it’s about the balance. I won’t not wear a skirt or a dress, just that I’d pick a silhouette that would work on me.

    Coming to Vidya’s post… perhaps we didn’t gush enough… we really did think Vidya looked fabulous. We’ve never nit-picked on how someone’s arms, legs, calfs etc are. Ever. However, if Payal pointed out that she wished the sari was worn an inch higher, it was only to make a point that it would’ve been much more flattering. Not because Vidya needs to hit the Gym or that she shouldn’t be wearing net saris to begin with.

    We’ve never derided body types on this blog. Only clothes. This IS a fashion blog.

    At the end of the day, as trite as it sounds… beauty does lie in the eye of the beholder… In the business of fashion, “ideals” are set everyday to be toyed with, taken risks over and finally broken and remolded by true style icons.

    Apologize for the rather long rant. And if I seem to ramble on, I blame it on the jet-lag. πŸ™‚

    • Heres my 2 cents– fashion is also highly subjective. No hell was raised when people comment on Kareena being ghostly/skeletal/ super thin or how pale some actress’s legs are and recommending tanning.So What is so objectionable to comment on the body type not suiting a particular outfit? It’s not any like one called her fat, so what’s with people getting their underpants in bunches? She does have a flabby tummy and people have/will have their opinions on it. I think everyone needs to take a chill pill. After all this is a fashion blog and I don’t see anyone going against your comment policy!

      • P&P, you guys are doing a wonderful job and there’s no need for you to justify your comments to anyone. I forgot to include that in my previous comment.:) Enjoy your vacation!

      • I think people feel they can pile on you if you look skinny. Actually more so in person. Nobody (atleast nobody sensitive)will go up to a fat person and say “you are fat”. But they will not think twice before telling a thin person “oh, you need meat, you look sickly, like a patient”. That’s mean too. Atleast that’s my experience. Sometimes you lose weight for loads of reasons, and its not always dieting and exercising.
        Coming to the transparent net pallu, I would feel the same way if I wore it too. So it has nothing to do with Vidya’s size.

        • Dn… you said it!!! Hugs!!
          I’m a thin person, for hormonal and genetic reasons. Yet, everyday, no kidding, everyday, I have someone coming up to me and saying “oh, you’re so thin” or “don’t you eat?”. I have got around to being rude back now and say “yes, I’d eat, if you’d left something on the table for me to…”!! Rude, much? But it totally shuts the other person up!
          This kind of sh%t never happens to a plump person, does it?! They may think it, but to actually voice?
          So yeah, the one thing I’ll never comment on is someone’s body- I know how it feels.

        • dn, I totally agree with you that this happens. It used to happen to me all the time when I was in my early 20s and was pretty thin and healthy. I think a lot of it was just women taking out body image issues on me.

          I think the issue here is that when it comes to the fashion industry and broader social ideals concerning women’s bodies, thin is ideal. Sure, someone might come up to a thin person and ask them if they’ve eaten, but most of the time, it works to your advantage when you are thin. People make assumptions that thinner people are healthier — not always true. It’s when you look fat that the pressure piles on from every angle – personal and societal. Someone here commented that they wanted to gag when they saw her photos. This is the kind of thing I mean. I thought P&P’s original comments and most of the other comments here were totally in proportion and fair. But the gag comment made me gag.

          In an ideal world, nobody would comment on individuals’ body sizes, but I think given our society’s common beauty ideals, it’s particularly offensive to me as a woman when the “too fat” comment is used to judge and police women’s bodies.

        • I know what you mean. When I was growing up in India, I got a lot of nasty comments from anyone and everyone including obese aunties because I was skinny – not by choice, just genetics. My beef with some of these stars is that if they want to wear really revealing clothes then they should invest some time and money on a trainer..which they can afford to do. I’ve gone to Souplantation here and watched in horror as very fat people shove large quantities of pastries into their mouth. Sorry to offend some, but fat is not healthy when you make a choice to eat more calories than necessary to be healthy. Try to find fat people in places like Somalia or Sudan…I’m sure you’ll have a hard time.

    • my respect for you guys and this blog has increased multiple times after reading this comment of yours and I feel even more glad to have an opportunity to write about this blog…..not only this as an aspiring designer with dreams of having my own label one day, this blog has been a great learning ground. The teachings in fashion school have a limit (being a fashion major I hv felt bound many times during the course of four years) but what I have learnt here in terms of trends and style and my true calling in design, has been limitless and lastly this has put me back on track with what Indian fashion is all about which I dearly missed having completed all my education from North America. So once again for all this and many other things I owe you a big and sincere thanks.

    • Priyanka,
      IMO you really do not have to justify what you have written in your own blog!

      Now that you have, somehow that post of yours seems contradictory to your general opinions. If you feel comfort with one’s self is important, like you mentioned above, why is it just restricted to ones body size/type/image?

      Shouldnt it be acceptable then for celebs to board flights with sweatsuits?
      Or attend public events in ultra casual outfits?
      Or do public appearances without any makeup?
      Or land up at a book launch like they just got out of bed?
      Or wear silk in a humid environment and have sweaty armpits?

      I have even seen you giving a celebs flawless look an “ALMOST” just because ONE TINY strand of hair was out of place.

      When such high standards are expected from celebs for everything else including something basic as airport travel, why does everyone get riled up for comments on body type/shape? If someone is out of shape, he/she is out of shape. PERIOD. Why so much antagonism ONLY over body image issues?

      Jennifer hudson is a big woman but she is fit and fabulous. Same with Deepika Padukone who is extremely lean, yet fit and fabulous. We cannot change our body type, if you are big, you are big. We can only do the best of what we have.

      Really apologize the long post. Just had to get it out of my sytem πŸ˜‰

  20. Personally I think Vidya looks great – and as for the great body debate, saris look better on someone with a bit of flesh on them, rather than a rake thin beanpole. Which is why a lot of hollywood celebs look odd when they don sarees. Love the whole ethnic look Vidya has going on what with the beads and hair combo. Maybe a longer blouse length would have flattered her even more – otherwise LOVE IT!

  21. Aunty and tellitubby rolled into one. Women with tubby tummies should not reveal so much navel. You’re talented and have a pretty face and have money too, how hard is it to get a trainer and tone your body?

  22. No offense to Vidya, she is a good actress and looks good. The Saree would have been great on anyone else who is little more toned. The 3rd pic with the side profile is a little let down.

  23. ok here i need to butt in too, which i very rarely do.
    in a world of cookie cutter fashion, where i find individuality becoming
    more and more obsolete, bollywood surprisingly is loosing its identity to popular western culture.
    the industry as we all know has a huge influence on how the country dresses, so me along with vidya decided to give the saree a lil boost
    its a lil alarming how lil i see of it nowadays..this is a very alarming social situation because if india needs to lead, it needs to internalise as well.
    very often we celebrate whats our own after validation from the west
    time and again i see people critisising a woman wearing a saree as an “aunty”, often prefixing the word s boring and repetitive.
    im more sure than not that these are women of indian origin..
    while i do not wish to get political, me as a designer has a singleminded vision to make the saree as popular as it naturally should have been..
    post paa, we have sold a lot of woven sarees, thanks to vidyas sterling aspirational performance and have managed to convert a lot of saree cynics…
    it has kickstarted dying looms across andhra..
    i thank her for sharing my vision and also representing the indian film industry in all its resplendant ethnic glory..
    u might not get the point now, but in ten years u will..
    thats a promise.

    • Sabya–My favourite outfit is the saree-nothing more elegant and alluring than a saree but the type of saree has to suit the person/body type -that’s all. This is an attractive saree.. but not looking good on Vidya because it was badly tied.. the pleats, pallu as well as the exact spot where ir was tied. More power to sarees.. loved the black one worn by Ash last year at one of the awards

    • wow Sabyasachi actually reads this – I so agree with what hes saying especially the part where india is losing its identity to western wear and how people should support the handloom industry more – Oh and I HATE it when people label anyone in a saree or shalwaar kurta as an aunty – pathetic.

      • i love all the sarees that vidya wore in paa. im assuming they are from handlooms from andhra pradesh. i live abroad and most of my friends here wear salwar kurta for indian events and occasionally saree, i love the elegant saree and tell my frds that we shud start a trend to wear the saree for every other occasion. also i make it a point to wear sarees when i come to india. i indulge in all kinds of sarees. more power to our saree, u and our celebs!

    • You’re getting it a little wrong here…no one, at least, on this site, is criticizing women for wearing sarees. On the contrary, saree is the most beautiful garment I have come across and has the versatility of being anything you want to project – sexy, naughty, demure, modest, you name it. The problem is with women who want to trash the saree…women who wear the saree so thoughtlessly (that’s the aunty style), women with tubby tummies who want to wear super sheer sarees very low on the hips, women with huge breasts who want to wear bikini blouses, and saddest of all, beautiful women like Vidya Balan who cannot seem to take the time to pleat a saree properly. Each corner of India is rich with its own kind of saree, so if you’re overweight pick something that’s beautiful without it being transparent and wear it elegantly. Respect the saree…you may be shapely like E. Hurley, but please don’t use the saree as a boob peek-a-boo. Elegance is not the rich and the shapely..anyone can cultivate it and the easiest way is to wear a saree with some thought.

    • Quite agreed. You only have to read our blog for a bit to see how we gush over a well-worn, non-blingy, the departure from usual bolly-brigade sari. The rare occurrences of the “sari” get more than just an enthused response from us.

      Clearly, I can’t speak for the scores of other commentors but can say this for ourselves (Payal and I)… we truly do appreciate what you’ve done with the craft. And do appreciate Vidya too for steering past the certain Bollywood stereotype and embracing the sari in all of it’s glory.

      I too have an issue with the prefix of ‘aunty’, ‘behenji’… something which you will never hear Payal and I use but then to give credit to some commenters, this rather simple way of describing someone isn’t just limited to women in saris.

      With the sudden influx of high-end luxury labels in India, a Gucci or a Louis Vuitton have suddenly found a place in the vocabulary of many. The romance is fresh and it will take time for someone to equate the craft of a JJ Vallaya jacket with that of a Gucci dress. It’s just a matter of perception and it’s around the corner. I doubt anyone gets more style cred because she wears a Versace versus a beautiful Venkatagiri, not from us in any case.

      You are right in saying that the Film Industry plays a huge role with it’s style statements, especially as it filters down to the people. And perhaps we haven’t been effusive enough with our appreciation of having brought the sari back. But while we are enamored with your work and love the beautiful Ms. Balan in them… the only time she gets a critique from Payal and I is when she drapes the sari sloppily. Hey, if the idea is to bring the sari back in all of it’s glory, might as well do it all guns blazing. πŸ™‚

      We love your work and look forward to the showing at Fashion Week.

    • i can certainly relate more 2 vidya than 2 a westernized stick wearing sari in a very cheap manner..vidya n figures like vidya very elegantly portray wht sarees are meant for…she luks gracefully indian healthy n happy female…n i respect d fact tht v r curvy…i absolutely luv dis fact…n m blessed with a curvy figure

  24. Sorry…my mind’s too rusted for serious debate…I actually agree with Lolita’s comments above. She does pass off as a sanyasi or women rights activist….in my view its seems that everytime she dresses she is trying to prove a point. She is not really dressing up to present herself…rather through her dressing she is saying something to the world….!!!!

  25. Actually, the debate should have ended with Sabyasach’s comment. But I do feel the need to add my two paisaworth here.

    I think the sari is the most elegant garment EVER and if a Vidya Balan and Sabyasachi can help to bring it once again in fashion focus, more power to them!

    We have so many delectable varieties of hand woven saris available in India in shimmering silks and cool cottons, I don’t get this trend of celebs opting for synthetic saris full of chamkis and OTT embroidery. I admire and respect Vidya and Sabyasachi for working with Indian handwoven saris and giving them a new twist. Nothing..I repeat nothing can beat the understated elegance of a simple dharmavaram, a soft dhakai or the muted jari of a crisp chanderi!

    • I’m sorry I have to butt in here again. First of all, why does the debate have to end with Sabya’s comment. All of your blog viewers are passionate about the saree and should be allowed to voice their opinion no matter how unpalatable it may be to the designer and anyone else- provided it sticks to the matter being discussed. Secondly, you are bemoaning about celebs wearing synthetics – isn’t Vidya’s Sabya saree a synthetic? At least, it looks synthetic to me. But hey, I’m not a hotshot designer, just a woman who loves sarees and would love to see all those beautiful celebs wear it elegantly.

  26. couldnt agree with u more payal…
    and for you hema, the pallu of the saree is net and the pleats are in tussar brocade from handlooms of benares..
    my company has a policy of including a moderate amount of handloom in every product…
    unfortunately sometimes what is homegrown is not really regarded as luxury so i do come across many customers who refrain from wearing handlooms…sad but true.
    so these cocktails are created to subtly woo them back..thats why the net with the tussar..
    because of lack of patronage and cheap imitations from china, benares looms of the hand are converting into power
    the patan patola, which , being the finest specimen of hand woven saree, has only four weaving families left.
    its all because of us
    if every women from india chose to buy one handloom saree a year, we would see far reaching changes across the grass root level
    it would be everyones individual corporate social responsibility
    so we at sabyasachi do it by trying to keep the looms alive by making our customer base wider
    if u actually look at vidyas pictures, she wears either total handlooms or a mix of hand and powerlooms… to appeal to all categories
    and this has made a real tangible difference
    before i sign off, just want to add that i love this blog, as it connects me to customers fans and critics who i would probably not get to meet in real life…
    keep the fight going and thank you

    • Wow Sabya ..u replied…Iam frm Kerala,nd we do have a large collection of handloom sarees,I personally take it as a pride to own them …really love your craft….God Bless..

      nd pls make available some of your collections for online shobbing,in this age of internet,most designers website doesnt have that option(I dont know whether u people having any technical difficulties in that…but as I said before Iam in kerala,so buying a Sabyasachi is much eaasier for me…take care….Thank you P&P for this blog …

    • Iam so much in love with your sarees Sabya……love u…make available your craft through online as well….Iam from kerala,so will be better if I can buy one through online

      I think what i posted as a reply to this isnt published earlier anyway

    • Thank you for clarifying whether your saree is synthetic or not. I’m glad to know that there’s at least one designer who takes into consideration the views of the general public. I hope you understand that the “aunty” appellation is not directed at women in sarees, but the sloppy way some women wear it. As for handlooms, I remember watching Shabana Azmi in her earlier movies and admiring those lovely Bengali handlooms she wore. All my sarees during my college years were Bengali handlooms and it also helped me bulk up a little as I was very skinny. I loved the earthy smell of the fabric and I felt like I was being wrapped up in Mother Earth! I heard from my mother that the Chinese are churning out cheap Kanjivaram sarees and I find that really sad. If you’re going head to head against such practices, I’m with you all the way. When I visit India this summer, I’ll make sure I check for the “Made in India” label πŸ™‚ Oh, by the way, since you know Vidya personally, maybe you can teach that beautiful woman how to wear a saree elegantly – just my opinion and thanks for listening.

    • Viday looks good ,the sari too…..and I prefer Vidya to shilpa shetty in a saree…y people blaming her wearing saree eveytime,y they cant blame..all the size zero girls for wearing western outfits….anyway vidya carries a sabyasachi outfit very well…
      kudos to both of you….

    • Sabya – I love most of your creations – and now that I know about your thoughts, it confirms my entire faith in your work. πŸ™‚
      I live in the US and I request you to please start an online store for us who are interested in purchasing your clothes.
      Concerning Vidya – I do respect her for wearing sarees. She is a smart and talented woman. I personaly believe people should wear anything they are comfortable in, but I also believe in changing it up as well. Human eyes becomes quite bored of repition, so changing styles / clothes act as breath of fresh air. I would also like to stress that body shape or size should not stop people to wear what they like (socially acceptable ofcourse) and it also should not be a basis to judge a person, wheter thin, fat, tall, short, dark etc. I find it very very insulting and demeaning when VAIN people make such comments. Isnt it right to just say “this dress doesnt suit so and so” instead of saying something brazen like “she is fat”. I find that very wrong and insulting. This site is mostly about fashion and not body type. If something in your eyes doesnt suit someone because of whatever reason, keep it to your vain self! Just make appropriate comments rtaher than commenting on body structure please.

    • OMG !! .. you actually read the blog and even commented on it!!
      I just LOVE your work Sabya.. right from the time you made your debut to now!! Whatever you are doing for the revival of Indian traditional textiles and handlooms is BEYOND AMAZING and more power to you!! If there’s any designer in India who can put our textiles and exquisite embroideries and handlooms on the world map, it is you .. Thank you so much for trying to preserve what is ours, and which we are somehow losing out. I so hope that we as Indians embrace our SO BRILLIANT HANDLOOMS and celebrate them .. It just breaks my heart to see that most people from my generation do not even know what a Chanderi or a Patola or a maheshwari or even Kalamkari is !!!

      P&P, PLEASE post this comment and is there any way it can reach Sabya.. (I was out of town for the last few days and totally missed all this) .. though I know it is WAY OFF TOPIC!!

      On topic, I would prefer Vidya (allegedly with her un-toned tummy) in a handloom sari anyday than Shilpa Shetty in a bligy-tacky-chiffon/georgette sari!!!

    • Sabya…am a big fan of your craft…i am crazy abt searching abt u in google and you tube to get the videos of your fashion shows.and am very happy that u visit this blog.Inshaallah want to visit your boutique whenever am able to and buy…wish you a bright journey ahead…and am wishing you all success in your vision and effort to gve saree a new face…and also our handlooms and khadi…i dont knw what to write bit really happy to write to you…

      Hope you will read this ,am from small town in kerala ….

      Love love love

      • Sabya Pls join in Twitter or any other platform or a blog…pls do that ………You can directly interact with people who loves ur craft……

  27. WOA. Sabyaschi reads this blog :O . That had me!

    His saris, kurtis ,bridal wear – everything- is out of this world. He is one the very few designers who, without any ‘shor sharabaa’ truly does celebrate a woman’s body irrespective of her size. πŸ™‚

    That said, Vidya Balan looks PERFECT in this sari. Lovely colour that brings out her complexion & i especially love the twist in the form of a rudraksha necklace. A little messiness, here & there, is fine. She is a beautiful woman but this is IMO, one of her best appearances.


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