Oh So Bad!

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She never gets it right and we doubt she ever will.

Can someone tell her to give up already! Wearing a sari is what we are referring to just to be clear! 😉


Vida Samadzai, Lil Star Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I have no idea who this is, but she needs to stop turning up dressed like this. The ill-fitting blouse, the badly draped sari, the ugly bag and the raggedy hair. What a disaster!

  2. She should audition for the K -serial vamps!! She will win the role hands down with the saree, the way its draped,the jewelery and that expression!

  3. i think for foreigners its hard to understand that there is a certain way to wear a saree. which includes covering your bust.

    to them,its just a piece of cloth you wrap around and feel pleased with yourself for the gesture. cant really blame them. in the recent past Shilpa has murdered the saree in the same way. sad.

  4. I think she was Afghanistan’s entry for either Miss World or Miss Universe, somewhere in the recent past. God, she makes that saree look bad. The blouse is terribly ill-fitted. And yes, the bust! aargh. I wish foreigners would understand that the saree is meant to be carried with grace, and just because it shows a little bit of waist, it is not meant as an in-your-face overtly sexual kind of dress. The funny thing is this woman had a lot of comments on bollywood’s leading ladies and their dress styles in some interview…pff, pot calling the kettle black?

  5. ya she ws afghanistan’s entry for miss earth….GOD she looks horrible, n i dun juzz mean the saree….shee herself, what has she even done to be photographed!!!…this is one situation tht duznt make me a proud Afghan!!

  6. Just saw the song Teri Ore pictured on Katrina from the movie Singh is King again and she totally wears her sari this way (the nude and pink Manish Malholtra sari). So yes.. when Katrina wore it it was hot -> I’d love to wear my sari like that but yes it’s def not the RIGHT way to wear a sari and probably shouldn’t be worn that way other than maybe in reel life. I think the point when you wear a sari is it’s sensual and there should just be a HINT of sexyness..not too much. It should look feminine and pretty, yet slightly sexy.

  7. Listen u all nasty ones. Her stylist for the night was someone who lacked skills and she had to change in the plane to get to this event. Why can’t some of you try to undrestand one’s situation. She dresses nice always and I look up to her.


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