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This makes the white dress look so much better!


Amrita Rao, ‘Victory’ Music Launch

Update: The dress in question is fresh off the runway from Arshiya Fakih’s Spring 2009 collection. Am still shuddering at the panty hose!


Left: Araiya By Arshiya Fakih, Spring 2009
Right: Amrita Rao, ‘Victory’ Music Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. the dress is nice & looks better on the model. & those are the ugliest pantyhose I’ve ever seen; its soo shiny and they make her legs look like barbie legs. lol

  2. That is just plain wrong! The color looks beautiful on her and the dress could pass, had she not worn those darn pantyhouse and those ugly shoes.

    This girl is so beautiful, has such a great figure, could possibly wear anything in a normal way and she would look great.

    On a positive note, I can say that she does seem unpretentious and not too concerned about her own beauty/image. I kind of like that — it’s very unassuming.

  3. OMG…. the panty hose police should put her in solitary confinement.

    Why is her chest sticking out like a shelf on wall brackets? Will someone tell this women than unless you have absolutely no breasts, a tight or shirred, cut straight across the top, looks really, really bad!

  4. i think she is conscious of her knees — if you all can just zoom in a bit and notice how dark they are — anyhow, methinks she needs a better stylist dahlings or someone to tell her that paparazzi’s have “flashbulbs”

  5. i cant believe someone can do this.. esp her.. m sure she got ready with no electricity.. no one can manage to put on dt shiny panty hose n top it with open footwear…

  6. Another case of ‘ALMOST’!

    Why cant Amrita just dress who she is and wear what’s comfortable in her skin.

    Life imprisonment for trashing a good attire.


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