In Verb By Pallavi Singhee

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Wearing Verb by Pallavi Singhee separates, Sunidhi attended a recent music launch, where she happened to perform as well. Metallic sandals and gold-tone earrings finished out the songstress’ look. We aren’t big fans of the peekaboo navel but have long made peace with the fact that performers march to their own beat. The color looked great on Sunidhi!

Look inside to see Karisma in her Verb by Pallavi Singhee that she was spotted in not too long ago.


Sunidhi Chauhan At Rang Rasiya Music Launch


Sunidhi Chauhan at Rang Rasiya Music Launch

Photo Credit: Twitter

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  1. The peekaboo navel, the hair, the makeup all looks so clownish on Sunidhi. Karishma fares niuch better.I like the fact that she always keeps it so elegant.

    • Maybe it’s just me but I actually happen to like Sunidhi’s hair and makeup- don’t find anything remotely clownish in either department. The fitting of the top on her, however, is another story. The (relatively) new hairstyle looks sleek and smart and I’m glad she went for it.

    • Why is clownish so popular on this site. Never seen a clown dressed like any of the women featured here. Aur navels on display is quite common in India. Can understand a Westerner’s criticism but for us shouldn’t matter.

      • Just like boobs, I think navels should be exposed only if they are easy on the eye. Not if they look like Forest Whitaker’s left eye. general statement not specific to this lady. I didn’t even notice hers till it was pointed out.

      • I don’t think the navel display is all that common in India. It depends on the region, the family ways I would think. Anyway, like many other things some styles silhouettes suits certain people-body types and some do not. I personally dislike the outfit as a whole. Even more because of that weird slit on the top.

  2. I love her face here! Her skin looks luminous, makeup looks well blended and that lip color blends in with the outfit perfectly!

    Karisma looks great, but Sunidhi’s look is more aspirational.


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