Udita Does Bad Fashion



    Thats Udita Goswami at the press conference of Aggar in Bombay and where do I even start with that outfit? How wrong is it? I just want to yank that flower off that collar! The pitiful thing is, it doesn’t even look like anything, just a couple of odds and ends sewn together! And those pearls? Doesn’t really go now does it? While the whole strand of pearls being a classic and can’t go wrong with it is a given, Ms. Goswami just showed us, how not to! Oh wait, since there is pearl or pearl-like detailing on the hemline, on the sleeve and elsewhere, maybe she thought she couldn’t go wrong! But people, there is something called over-doing.

    The dress looked washed out, over-detailed and she just plain looked poorly styled.

    As someone famous would say, “Egad”!!


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