A Mixed Bag

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Update: Twinkle is wearing a Spring 2009 Notte By Marchesa dress. Thanks ‘crab’ and ‘pie’!

This look of Ms. Khanna’s evokes a classic ‘on the fence’ reaction from us. While the dress itself was so ladylike with strong feminine undertones, the clutch was just way too OTT for it. Clearly she was going for something ‘different’ but it was hard to take it all in. Love the dress on her… the clutch is a bit much for us… yes, for all the kitsch worshipping we do, this one didn’t quite work. Maybe on someone else?


Left: Notte By Marchesa, Spring 2009
Right: Twinkle Khanna At HDIL Couture Week


Left: Twinkle Khanna At HDIL Couture Week
Right: Lulu Guinness Lips Clutch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Me no like. She has such a pretty face and is so classy so she manages to pull it off but both the dress and the clutch are eh. Not the ideal mix ‘n match combo with the dress.

  2. She’s got the whole “pop of color” thing so wrong. It’s such a bright pink that you don’t need something in orange. Pink and orange are clashing! I don’t like the orange shoes or bag. I think she should’ve toned it down.

    • Pink and orange don’t necessarily clash. depends on how they are done.
      Remember the Manish Arora’s makeup collection? As also the Indian Summer makeup collection.

      Pink and Orange is very Indian…and I love it.

      Back to the bag and the dress… I do not like either.

      • Remember the pink n orange lehenga Rani wore in Saathiya during the “chalka re” song.. that was an awesome color.

        Back to Twinkle, had she just paired the dress with Silver/gold/black/nude.. we would all have been floored.. this “zabardasti ka” pop of colour ruined it!

  3. I am fine with the dress, clutch, shoes…all of it. what i don’t like is the color combo going on. she would have totally rocked this look had she worn a black or grey dress. the pairing of orange with fuchsia doesn’t work here.

  4. The design is so weird. Hold it slightly wrong and it looks like…ahem…
    The dress is fab. Twinkle certainly knows what works on her. But i too wish she skipped the clutch.

  5. Well!! I have to differ with you here . I actually like the edginess combination of hot pink and orange. Way to go girl , Twinkle.
    The dress is fab on her and the clutch and shoes complement her.

  6. i do not like the clutch. I am also not a fan of wearing a pink evening dress with pumps, especially in orange. Pumps look good with pants, a suit or LBD worn to a formal event. She has also been photographed at a bad angle.

  7. I LOVE the two colors together…and I acutally like the look (I LOVE the shoes even more-yum!)
    I think the problem is the hair; for some reason, the hair doesn’t gel with the rest of the look- I know a bad hair day when I see one

  8. There is something about her that i adore!
    I mean put her in a manav gangwani disaster and she’ll make it work!
    (ok i take it back…no one can pull off a manav gangwani…but still…)
    i love the color….i love the detail….i love the bag….i love the husband! wink!

  9. The dress is not good for her proportions — makes her shoulders look too wide (think football player!). I think the pink dress and orange bag would have worked if the dress was a sleeveless sheath.

  10. aww THATS why its such a pretty dress! loveee marchesa

    the only thing ruining the full length pic of twinkle is the empty sprite bottle in the background… 😛

  11. I think the accessories look amazing & don’t think they clash at all even if the dress is also bright & has shoulder details. The cut of the dress is classic with a high neckline & falls to the knee so in my opinion she can get away with the bright accessories. I think Twinkle looks amazing & this outfit inspires me.


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