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We’ve seen our share of busy outfits but Trisha’s suit at the “Theenmaar” launch was something else. WTHeyyy, we say! You?

Trisha at Theenmaar Music Launch

Photo Credit:IdleBrain

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    • That’s what I thought too! Aish has this similar expression, in the movies or something, I don’t know where. Anyways, this is such a rare occurrence. Trisha has never dressed badly, and she’s never looked fantastic either. The worst part is really the sheer bottoms with the yucky end detail. WTHeyyy for sure!

  1. Hmm if Sabina is not given a wthey,i dont think this deserves one. She looks very pretty in the last pic though the print is all over the place.

    • Agreed! These wtheys don’t mean anything anymore. What could have been a bigger wthhhey than rhea kapoor in the dowdy robe? This girl atleast looks cute.

    • I was thinking along similar lines…But instead of Sabina, i thought of Padma in her saree look.
      I agree the suit is bad but if Padma doesnt get a WTHeyy, then i dont think she does either.

  2. oh come on P&P, so mean to stick it under wtheyy. this should be a match-much — did you SEE the amount of trouble she went to to ensure her toenails are the exact shade of blue as the trimmings on her outfit?

  3. I would like to point out that just as south India has a different flavor profile compared to other parts of India, the south also has a different perspective on fashion. In my opinion, Trisha, and many others cater to the prevailing norms in the south. Whether the difference is due to a community being 10 years behind in fashion is debatable. However, the fact is that south Indian fashion has failed in truly embracing local textiles, culture and the ever present south Indian sass and gumption. When that does happen I think we will see a lot more people looking less like faded wall paper in your grandmothers.

  4. Being from south india has nothing to do with how ones fashion sense is or not!!! There are a lot of people in South who dress really well, with whatever fashion that chennai has! They manage to look stunning in simple cotton to brilliant kancheevarams with NO big brands attached to it!

    We should seriously stick to commenting only on the clothes. There is no need to be this offensive about ones background etc.

    • Just to add on, South Indian fashion might potentially seem dated because people here have stuck to their local textiles and culture for very long and not embrace international brands and fashion so fervently and blindly.


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