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Keeping things simple in an easy suit, Kareena made her way back to Mumbai. A top-knot, Chanel bag and pair of kolhapuris rounded out her off-duty look. She did good; the fuss-free look works for her.

Kareena Kapoor Khan


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • Is anyone else tired of Sara’s name getting brought up any time ANYONE wears a salwar kameez? I honestly smell a PR stunt here (not with this specific comment maybe, but the whole internet acting like Sara invented the idea of wearing a salwar kameez.) Her overly enthusiastic PR stunts are getting a little tiring.

  1. Suit is nice! But what’s with the constant cheek sucking? I reckon, she has done it so much now it can’t be undone…her cheeks have actually caved in.

  2. She looks nice. Is this from “The House of Pataudi” collection. I Am sure we will be seeing a lot of Kareena wearing clothes from the collection

  3. She borrowed Sara’s clothes and then checked out Kangana’s airport suit look and then sucked her cheeks in to make it her “Kareena original look” 😉


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