1. The fabrics she picks are evergreen and beautiful..( though even good earth is pretty much unsustainable for mere mortals, forget about her accessories)…..but her pseudo- royalty vibe is getting boring now.

  2. Wave dahling, wave the world away! These suits at the airport are her new thing, just like sarees at the airport were in the pre-wedding season. That said, she looks good.

  3. The top seems super transparent, how does one pull off such an outfit? Yes, she has a huge dupatta but is that enough for a regular course of the day for a regular person.

  4. Maybe this is the right forum to discuss it. How does one wear such suits in regular life? The kurta is so sheer! I see many such pieces, mostly in linen/cotton. Beautiful craftsmanship, but so so so sheer! And I constantly feel that a slip would just ruin the entire structure of the garment

    • I have tried with a slip and it looks bad, but I don’t feel comfortable without one either. Not sure what’s a solution. I am thinking a lacy bralette might help?

    • most of these garments of good quality, if made out of Chanderi (as this one seems to be) or fine-count cotton come with a matching underlayer. if they don’t, most normal people would HAVE to wear a slip

    • What’s actually the worst thing about the sheerness is that you can see the line where the salwar begins. That brings down the fashion quotient by a lot.

  5. I don’t see a problem with sheerness. It’s just the midriff that’s exposed. Exposed midriff is so normal in India , isn’t it ?…with the sari and the lehangas .

    • If her dupatta doesn’t stay in place you will see her bra through the sheer top. So ya that’s an issue that normal folks might face.

      • How about a seamless bandeau bra? Some lehangas and sari blouses that the celebrities wear look like bandeau bras. Nowadays bandeau tops are worn with pants and skirts.

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