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Kareena Kapoor (Left) And Gauri Khan Photographed At The Mumbai Airport

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Oh gosh what is Kareen wearing..thanks to the scarf which prevented the camel toe to be photographed! Gauri looking pretty nice after a good long time.

  2. looks like kareena has got a travelling uniform for herself….for some reason she is always seen in those black tights while travelling..,yikes though…

  3. I may be accused of being a class snob, but I have to say this…Kareena looks like a country bumpkin who has this million dollar wardrobe, but zero sense of clothes. Tights are not pants, tights with sneakers are meant only for running and when you buy designer oversized shades, you need to see in a mirror if they suit your face, not just buy them because some other actress also has them and you dont want to be outdone. As for Gauri, the less said the better.

  4. I really don’t undestand Kareena’s fixation with slacks..They are not to be get confused with jeans..EVER…n slacks n T’s..n sneakers..what was she thinking..

  5. Wearing tights with a short t-shirt is big no-no. Come on cover ur bum with longer sweaters or tunic is the best way to go with tights. Ughhhh when will these stars learn?


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