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Teaming her Iro jacket with slouchy denims, Deepika took in some travel. And she rounded out the look with pair of monogrammed Louis Vuitton slingbacks. The Canadian tuxedo (denim-on-denim) I can get behind. However, the whole white socks with those kitten heels with these separates thing she has going on, not so much.

Deepika Padukone

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Jesus those heels are TRASH! Pairing a black pair of heels with white socks isn’t helping at all. It looks like a lot of effort to look effortless.

  2. I hope she gets out of these oversized clothes phase. I am no fashionista nor my living depends on how i look, even i don’t go out in that kind of footwear

  3. Don’t like the outfit. But thank God it’s not one of those crop tops and biker shorts airport can folks travel so uncomfortably?

  4. i usually give Deepika a long rope and upto the ankles was ok — but anyone with a smidgen of sense and fair eyesight would have yelped ‘no’ at the sandal-and-socks pairing.

    • exactly! I think she’s very very very trendy.. so trendy that we have to look up the trends cuz it hasn’t reached us.. very A lister behaviour this is, in this fashion democratised world! we can’t like it because we haven’t been exposed enough to this.. i hate it but i’m expecting ppl to start wearing socks with kitten heels soon now

  5. I’d actually think her dressing quirky if it weren’t for the fact that the looks are curated…if it was her then go do you…but doing all this and it wasn’t even your idea…eels..and not to mention completely ignoring the Indian weather

  6. Me as a kid, wearing my elder sisters clothes, when I still had my socks on.. and would try to fit in her heels. But then again I was 6 years old playing dress up with a grown ups clothes.

  7. I am neutral on the oversized clothes – sometimes she is able to pull those off.
    But THE WHITE SOCKS with Heels – nothing can justify that!
    Lose the socks – this look might still be bearable!
    Switch to some neon or funky socks – it might look like an attempt to some fashion statement!
    But those white socks – are a fashion abomination 😉
    And if she absolutely had to put on those ..then wear some sneakers and call it a day!

    I do not know why I am so upset about this! 🙂

    • it has been really cold in mumbai last few days due to the unseasonal rains.. I’m in a cardigan as we speak


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