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For her recent round of travels, Deepika didn’t veer far from the formula- tiny glasses, athleisure and sneakers. On board with her off-duty look?

Deepika Padukone


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. You think they are paid to wear this? Like really, people will be sold on this outfit because of someone wearing it at an airport? (i’m not disagreeing with you, just stating my disbelief if this is indeed the case).
    So nowadays u can get paid to wear something and walk out of a terminal? But their audience for such an exposure is so small…like the stars are not really interacting, their outfits are photographed in the dark and it is often tough to see their bags/shoes/subglasses clearly. From a PR perspective, it isn’t the best time to sponsor $$$ clothes innit? Or am I totally off the mark in terms of the value of these airport “looks”.

    • I don’t think that they’re literally paid to wear something like this. It’s more like designers send them a bunch of stuff for free and the stylist hashes out “looks.” It gives the designers exposure through fashion blogs, Instagram and paparazzi shots and gives the star free clothes for the numerous “appearances” they make.

  2. At this point, I JUST want to see her – at least once – in her natural state. Hair that isn’t overly styled, minimal makeup (she has great skin and features anyway), and a plain white T-shirt and jeans. How refreshing that would be. Sigh.

  3. omg she’s slowly transforming into Shaleena now.. this is how her stylist shaleena dresses and think DP has hired her only so that she can copy with pride.. this layered necklaces and tiny glasses and athleisure is just so not the original DP.. why is she copying others including her husband.. what happened to the simple ol DP


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