The Travelling Sari: Continued


News coming in from Syria and India last week was just so tough to hear. So when Anju, who the sari traveled to next, mentioned she was going to wear it to the protest at her city, we said Yes Yes Yes! The Travelling Sari is meant to celebrate all the wonderful women it meets on its journey but we cannot ignore that we are also at a time where there is just such great injustice happening.

We may not have been able to protest physically but feel that in a way Anju was able to represent us and our angst as well!

If you are a sari enthusiast and have heard of the #100SareePact, you definitely know of Anju (@maudgalkadam). That's whom the #TravellingSari made its way to this week. . As a women owned business, we've never been shy of voicing our opinion, outrage and support when it comes to women's rights and that of the girl child. What happened with Asifa more recently and what continues to happen with women and children generally has us enraged. While we physically weren't able to participate in the protest march, Anju wearing the sari to one in Bangalore made us feel like we were a part of it too. . Our latest Travelling Sari tribe member Anju is a communications professional but if she were describe herself, she'd say she was a story-teller. Whether it is building brands, fund raising, interviewing, she loves seeking connections in her work, of closing the loop and enhancing the impact of story. . From having worn saris as a kid when playing house house to wearing saris for her work right away as a young business journalist, the progression was natural. As the sole woman in an all-men crew, the sari gave her the confidence to lean in. As she settled into her career, she found that the sari remained her go-to garment and became part of her identity. . Since Anju is a product of Bombay and Bangalore, her sari collection has grown from buying from these two cities. In Bombay, Kala Niketan was The place to shop when she was young. In Bangalore, she recommends Vimor – The folks that run it and the stories they share about every sari they weave makes it a must-visit. She also can't help mention that Nallis (especially the Chennai one) is a delightful treasure trove. . All that said, Anju adds she loves a bit of whimsy, to look for little gems in tucked away shops. And being a believer in slow fashion, likes to shop from shops that are family owned. . #TheTravellingSari #TheTravellingSarixHHCGuiltfree . #SariLove #SariTales #SarisOfInstagram #SareesOfInstagram #HHCGuiltfree #SareeLove #SareeTales #SariLovers #SareeLovers #SariStyle #SareeStyle #SariNotSorry #SareeNotSorry #MadeInIndia #IWearHandloom #SareeLovers #JusticeForAsifa

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Also, if you want to track through everyone who has worn it so far, track through here.


  1. To be wearing the travelling saree with such a powerful message…you guys should be proud. As for the eight year old who was so brutally treated, it’s just hard to fathom that people like that exist; and to imagine it happens to so many girls/women who are unable to speak up…because it’s such a man’s world just about everywhere in the world.

  2. Hi. I was part of the 100sareepact and love saris and the stories in them. My love affair with the six yards began when I was just a toddler and would refuse to sleep without snuggling with my mother’s sari. And the story continues…not too long ago my less than two-year-old draped a sari for a wedding. Now I am waiting for her to grow up and hear my sari stories and make her own.
    I would love to have a chance to wear the travelling sari. How can I get a chance? One small hitch: I am not on Instagram. Hoping to hear from you soon.

    • Hi Geeta,
      The Travelling Sari is meant to celebrate the women who wear it. It just so happened that Anju requested that she wear to the protest march to put focus on what she believes in. To what is going on around us and like we already mentioned, we agreed immediately, because it was a way for us to be a part of it too. Would you liked to have us to say no? Should we have taken the easy route and be like naah?

      Why can’t this be a platform that we also use to voice and highlight against all the injustice that is going on around us? This would be cheap is if we are making money off this venture. We are not. None of the stores they mention are tagged. It is just the wearer who is sharing her experiences and insights.


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